Reasons Why I'm A Talk N' Text Subscriber

If you are in the Philippines you will notice that there are two telecommunication conglomerates that compete in the wireless communication industry. They have bought good standing in society for millions of subscribers used their services. 


We also know that Philippine is the “Texting Capital” of the world because of millions of messages sent every second. As a Filipino, I could say that Filipino’s are truly in ties of their family values and culture which is they wanted to be in touch always with their beloved ones. And because of wireless communication, everything is made possible, distance doesn’t matter even you are on the other side of the world as long as you have the phone you can text and call them anytime.

In this review, I would tell you why I prefer to use “Talk N’ Text” than other cellular services. This review is not biased or paid by the company and all I have stated are my own opinion and experience using their service.

Below are the six (6) reasons why I choose to be a Talk N’ Text subscriber and shift to it from my previous cellular service. This is an honest review without any stain of fraud.

1. Cheap and Affordable – If you are in the Philippines you can clearly compare every cellular service and you can say that they have the cheapest services among other company. You can have unlimited text on all networks in three (3) days using their promo code which only cost 30 pesos. You can also have unlimited text for 1 day for only 10 pesos.

2. Plenty of Subscribers - Based on my observation and experience, most of my friends and classmates are Talking N’ Text subscribers that is why it is not hard for me to find a TextMate since they are plenty of them.

3. Easy to Use - I really love their services for it is mundane and not complicated to use and subscribe. This is one of the best reasons why they have millions of subscribers. It is a user-friendly network

4. Promos, Freebies, and Rewards – Subscribers love numerous giveaways that they can avail as easy and quick. As I have mentioned earlier, they have plenty of promos which are very affordable and easy to register. And at the same time with multiple freebies and rewards.

5. Wide coverage – Just like another network they have wide coverage of service that made them available everywhere in the Philippines. You do not need to worry about the signal since they have a multitude of cell sites.

6. Good Service – To all the reason that I have stated I could honestly say that they have good and honest service. They don’t eat a lot (waste load) because of applications that you did not intend to subscribe. You can easily avail of their SOS service where you can borrow a lot from them. 

 Talk N' Text TV

These reasons are mine and do not intend to mud sling other cellular networks. The purpose of this is to commend the network for their good network service and to guide subscribers who are seeking for more reliable and at the same time affordable services.

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