10 Habits to Achieve Positive Outlook in Life

Normally, people always wanted to have a brilliant life; a life of lavishness and happiness. No worries, doubts, and depression that messes up life and makes it miserable. Nevertheless, life is a choice. Some people with simple problems seem to be so pessimistic treating it as a dead-end of their life and make it complicated. That’s why some people’s life is lonesome and problematic.

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A positive outlook doesn’t mean that you should look elegant and feel like “queen of the night”. It simply means that we as a warrior must have a positive outlook on life where we can find our self as a successor and can surmount the monsters in our life.

Here are some ways to achieve a positive outlook on life:

1. Accept the reality that life is tough. There’s no easy way in this world, we all suffer difficulties. Acceptance is a very important factor that will lead us to serenity and for us to avoid disappointments. Knowing that justice is good but rare; we must be brave enough to accept that not all discrimination will be given justice. So, do not put high expectations towards another because it will only lead to frustration and melancholy.

2. Know your assets and liabilities. We cannot avoid life’s misfortunes and somewhat we become “spotters” and “fallers” in our life. When we know that we can help other people and can contribute to our society without hesitation, we can use our full strength to become spotters -- simply because we are going to spot others when they are going to fall. On the other side, we will realize that we cannot be strong at all the times since we have weaknesses too. There are times that we are very weak and will need others’ help, and that time we become fallers. You count on others regarding that it is out of your power.

3. Learn to recognize yourself inside and out. We have inner and outer aspects either negative or positive. We must know who we really are on the inside and in the outside, on how we act, think, and behave. Our action is a good indicator of our true personality. There are some instances that we are good enough outside, but ought to be good inside as a person.

4. Maximize compassion in accepting all aspects of life to attain happiness. Always remember this saying “Your expectations, your disappointments”. It means that we must be contented with what we have but know how to hold onto dreams by pushing harder and aiming higher. Accepting our self is a good way to enjoy our life for happiness occurs when there are contentment and acceptance.

5. Remember to face mornings with a smile. Happiness can be found everywhere when you know how to appreciate even little simple things. Happiness is a choice, not a chance. “Feeling good” is a type of happiness in which you have contentment of what you possess. It is made in our daily routine unconsciously. Happiness is created not given. Therefore, happiness depends on us how we perceive things around us.

6. Believe in yourself that you can be great. Listen to your intuition and follow your heart. One way of moving forward and succeeding in life is by believing in your own abilities. It turns impossible to become possible, and miracles happen when we believe in it. Just always remember to listen in your mind and follow what’s on your heart because your decision will determine who you really are. Never hesitate to follow your instinct because it is the easiest way to accomplish things. However, self-pity will lead to self-breakdown and thus leads to agony.

7. Find time to enjoy things around you. It is true that the more we do activities the more we enjoy our life. Time management is a good way to enjoy our time wisely. Life will be boring when we are doing the same thing over and over again. Also take some time for yourself, for your evaluation and reflection to all the things you have done each day.

8. Make a list of things you like and you don’t like. An effective way of getting rid of things that makes you upset. It helps to release tension and control emotion. With this, we can realize the things and thoughts that are our life. Making a list of what we like and dislikes will help us is decision making thus, will lead to better outcomes.

9. Meditate, exercise, and pray. Free your mind from distraction, your heart from tension and your soul form temptation. Find time to relax and internalize positive and negative things in your life. Set your mind in a blissful situation and put yourself into tranquility.

10. Practice and develop self-confidence. We become futile when we do not know how to be confident at all times. Besides from it boost self-esteem, it trains us to be tough in order not to falter. Remember that worries, doubt, and fury always been a barrier to happiness and success; always remember that we cannot assert our personality when we do not have self-confidence. Always put in your mind that you can do great things when you will do your best to self-trust.

Written by: Roger Rangasa

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