How to Earn Money Online with RedGage | Scam or Legit?

RedGage is an online website that allows its users to share pictures, videos, documents, links, and blogs while getting paid for it. It is a centralized hub that pays their online users through their social activities and allows users to monetize their shared contents. RedGage paying scheme is based on the value of the user content, calculated by page views and popularity. They redefined how social networking site works in a way that every user will be getting paid for just sharing, blogs, pictures, videos, documents, and links.

Earn Money Online with Redgage
Source: Redgage
What makes RedGage unique to other site is that they permit users to manage all their online blogs, videos, links, documents, and pictures in just one place. You can track which content is getting viral and at the same time, you can identify which one yields more revenue. They provide one-stop destination which you can import new contents automatically while earning from it.

The Team Behind RedGage:

Daniel Redlich (CEO/Founder)
Pedram Nimreezi (CTO)
Liz Hauser (Marketing)
Dan Cormier (Designer)

In their challenge “Why should you keep on using multiple websites to manage your content when you can put it all in one place, and make money while doing it” – RedGage

How to Earn on Redgage?

As what I have said earlier, you can start earning on RedGage, by sharing, blogs, videos, links, documents, and pictures.hey monetize their user content and pay a specific percentage, but the difference between RedGage is that your rate can increase depending on your activities on the site. 

Based on my experience, blogs and pictures are among the contents that have a higher rate than documents, videos, and links. I have also discovered that RedGage is a nice place to:

  • Make some backlinks on your personal blogs and contents on another site
  • Meet new people around the world
  • Discover and learn new knowledge on web

I remember my CPM rate was $0.61 which is quite low, though I could have increased it by accomplishing the task that they have given to every user in order to increase its individual rate. They pay through “RedGage Card” and as of now, they don’t pay through PayPal which is quite disappointing.

Personal Review 

If you are wondering if RedGage is a legit or scam site, then you are on the right blog. Since I will be telling you the truth and nothing but the truth, I will honestly share your briefly my experience using the site. So let’s start!

RedGage is a legit site and as what I have observed members are getting paid, but on my part, I never got paid because of very slow earnings scheme. Yes, you are not being wrong; the earning program of RedGage is very low and I could compare that Teckler has a higher CPM rate than RedGage.

If you have observed, the site has undergone a facelift, and I'm happy about it since it looks better than before. Now RedGage had already put the site into normal after months of backups and upgrade on their newly designed website. My earnings are already back too, here is a screenshot of it:

Earn Money Online with RedGage
My Earnings via RedGage
I have already 400+ contents (blogs, links, documents, videos, and pictures) but since $25 is the minimum payout I can't cash out yet. So it’s up to you if you want to join RedGage; I have already shared my experience; hope it had helped you decide about it. But after they launched the new face of RedGage, the site looks better now!

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