10 Traits of a Successful Student

Education is a very important part of our lives for it builds our unseen future. It is significant equipment that we must possess to free ourselves from ignorance and convert the barbaric world into a place where everything can be explained and calculated through theories and studies. It makes us more vigilant and equipped so that when we embark on the outer world we are ready enough to tackle every challenge and barricades that will come in our life. 

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It is not just about our physical, spiritual and emotional context, but the mental context has also a big part in order to live the challenging planet we dwell in. Education is not only the knowledge we acquire in every book, magazines, videos, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other informational media that gives sage. It is also about teaching us to live, adapt and how to live life in accordance with the law and nature.

“Ignorance of the law excuses no one”. You should not use ignorance as a defense and in order for you to be called innocent. We have the capabilities and knowledge, we only need is to tap and harness those dormant talents that we have innately possessed.

We are an intelligent being who needs to use the innate intellect to live life accordingly. To be good stewards of the society and as leaders that will role to have a strong society that is controlled by responsible leaders for good governance. Education has a gargantuan part in developing a brighter society until the coming next generations.

The following are essential attitudes that a student must possess and have, to be a good and wise student that can excel in academics and extra-curricular activities in school. They need these attitudes to attain superb and achievements.

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A responsible student is a person who takes, lives as a responsibility that should be taken seriously and knowingly. A student needs to be responsible for all its actions and words. He is concerned about the pros and cons of his actions. Being responsible is not just about doing what others say to do, but doing the thing that must be done. It all starts when a student complies with all the academic requirements of school doing it heartedly and responsibly.

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A dedicated student will do everything just to achieve his goals in life. He will not let anyone stop him from chasing his dream until it leads to reality. Dedication has a vital significance for every student to be motivated and goal-oriented student. With vision and dedication, every goal has been set in order to have a clear vision in targeting once dreams and aspirations.

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A diligent student has the determination and strength to carry any challenges and hindrances that will come into his life. Being a diligent student is about not giving up easily from all the difficulties in life. He always keeps it in mind that success is about hanging on when others seem to let go. With this strength and attitude, he knows that doing everything as far as he could be the only way to be at the peak of your dreams and goals in life.

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A student needs to be brave not for being a troublemaker and indulging with riots. But it is about being a brave student who has the will and the power to carry on. It is about putting your strength in your hands and mind. A brave student doesn’t cloy and shrink because of disappointments and failures, he committed in the past and even in the present situation, being brave is about standing still and being resilient whatever trials and circumstances that will come in his life. A brave student does not surrender but it becomes braver and stronger after those downfalls and travails.

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A student needs to be confident about what he has and what he doesn’t have. Being a confident student is about being ready in any challenges in life, even it is not expected. Having confidence means having self-esteem and self-worth. A student needs to believe in his own talents and capabilities. He believes that he can do and reach whatever he wants as long as he has the belief and trust in his own abilities. Having confidence will enrich his social and extra-curricular capabilities.

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A faithful student is not just rich in academic but he is also indulging in religious affairs and activities. Having the faith in his own abilities especially to God who created all will put a student on a proper track and straight way. Being faithful to God and as well as in his own self will give happiness and comfort in life. It nourishes the spiritual being of a student to be more focused on his studies and will not be coerced by a bad influence.

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A student needs to use his time wisely. He should make every second worthwhile for any negligence can put his life or studies in vain and regrets. Time management is one of the most essential things that are needed in being a student. He should know how to use his vacation time in a worthwhile moment. Being a time-bounded student will keep him on the proper pathway. “For a time that passed will never be back” so he should make his time well manage to be more productive in many ways.

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Being an optimistic student is about thinking that everything will be fine and everything will go as what he wanted it to happen, even things occurred against his expectation; he is still thankful and motivated and thinks positive. With this attitude, a student looks much on the bright side of every bad situation and think about the important things besides the negative things happened. An optimistic student shows positive countenance from all the trials that life brings and still manages to be happy.

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A student should be disciplined enough on what he will be doing and what he will be taking off. It means that he has the control that is kept within certain bounds and trained mentally and physically. He knows when to speak and to act; he is disciplined for what he is doing in life.

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A student must not be too serious in a way that he forgot to mingle with other people. He should know when to relax and take some time to unwind. A student must not only developmentally, but also emotionally and socially.

With these attitudes a student will be more active, intelligent and productive that will gain more excellence academically and even in extra-curricular activities in school. A student needs to enhance his self as the environment continues to change; it is a mechanism that enables students to be more ready in engaging everyday struggles and challenges in life.

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