10 Most Annoying Text Message Senders

Well, text messages have been part of our lives since cell phones come along and it's been obviously one sure thing we can't live without a day that passes by. For the many, am I right? Part of it is receiving at least once, oh, maybe several times already receiving text messages which are really irritating from those we know personally or even from those strange people who have nothing to do but to make pranks with everyone else around.

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Some of these text messages have been really annoying because you know what, there are times that we're in a moment of solitude, then suddenly a text message informing us that something upsetting has just happened. Or either you may be having a problem already then another negative text message will appear on your phone that will just intensify the temper you have. And for goodness sake, an unknown number has texted you of those things.

Well, for me, I have listed below the top 10 types of text message senders that I feel is really annoying and maybe some of you or maybe most of you too feel the same way that I do. Here are my top 10 picks for that:

#1 The Chain Message Sender


Wish what you want before reading. Say “It will come true.” (3 times.)

Then in silence, count and believe in God. If you believe in Him, pass it on. Send this message to 10 people, don’t ignore it, or else something unfortunate will happen to you."

Imagine, this person is already using God just to get the attention of many. This is just annoying. Aside from using God, you want others to believe in you, fooling them that if they don't follow you, something dreadful is going to happen with them.

#2 The "You've Just Won" Announcer

"Congratulations! Your sim card has just won 850,000, 2nd prize winner of our raffle draw this month. Please call me for details on how to claim. This is Atty. Selina Pereira of Share-A-Life Charity. Per DTI, NCR Permit No. 666, Series of 2014." Yeeha! I won!!! I haven't known about joining anything but I won instantly? Okay, just another provoking text message.

#3 The Misfortune Updater

This person informs you of an unfortunate happening to him or anyone from your family. This is just annoying because you're being misled into something that's not good to hear about. Well, if he wants something bad to happen to him, let him be, but never involve others from it.

#4 The Threat Declarer

Say, for example, someone has texted you to get off of his girlfriend or else something bad is gonna happen to you. Where in fact, you don't even have any idea that you're flirting with someone else and you're receiving such threat. That's something worrying about. What if the person who will be receiving it has no mental stability. Could he be able to handle such a situation? It's just annoying to receive a text message like that wherein you know for yourself that you have nothing to do with it. For those of you sending messages that way, you could be filed with harassment, mind you!

#5 The Pretentious Long Lost Relative 

"Hi, this is Marlon and this is my new roaming number. How are you there bro? I have just sent you a package. Have you received it already? Just give my regards to Mom/Dad." Really, we are brothers? I didn't know about it. This is just another prank text message which has been sent several times to me. This is just another annoying message from someone who has nothing to do with life.

#6 The "Load Digger"

Okay, instead of a gold digger, you're a load digger. Someone who's not even on my contact list will just text me that he/she is asking for a load. What ya think of me? The supplier of your prepaid load? Come on. Sometimes this comes after the Pretentious Long Lost Relative or the Misfortune Updater, asking for load just for him/her to call you to give other details. (As if?)

#7 Let Me Tell You Every Detail Of My Day  - GM Sender

Obviously, these are the type of persons who would inform you every little thing they do, every single hour of the day. It's as if they always have unlimited prepaid/postpaid loads with them. It's just annoying because I even don't have an interest in knowing what you do or where you are. So what then? You're just wasting my time reading it knowing that it's not that important for me and also, it disrupts what I may be doing those times I am busy.

#8 The Emo

"If love is just a fantasy,
why don’t you lie to me??
Say you want me back too!!
Though I know you don’t really do,
at least your lie makes me happy,
even if it is just a fantasy. "

Oh, so sad for you. I feel your sadness. But, there's a proper way to open it up. Say it in person, but never in a group message. The negative vibes can be contagious but never spread it in me.

#9 The Bulk Texter

"Text 1: Hey!

 Text 2: How are you?

 Text 3: I and the gang are going to the club.

 Text 4: At 9

 Text 5: Come with us.

 Text 6: Bye. GTG."

This is the kind of texter who just can't send one whole message at one time. It's as if every single second, you'll be receiving a text message from this person who only has one thing to say and that's to invite you to him. The kind of person who just keeps on rapid-fire texting with you.

#10 The Language Wrecker

If you're having a problem with your grammar, that's something fine in text messages. But, if you're that kind of person who's already ruining the way you express yourself with the language and making the out-of-this-world language of yours, that's something annoying. Just like:

"LiteRaTeZ ihN Ms OffIzXe (Ms w0rDZz, Ms Ph0weRpHoiNtZz, Ms ExCzeLsZ, AdHoBeHh Phot0wszh0psZs)"

Instead of just expressing it this way: Literate in MS Office (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop). So annoying to understand.

Written by: Ken Guardian

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