10 Effective Ways to Win A Girl's Heart

Love is not just a game that when you fall out of interest you will stop. Loving a person is about endless courtship and care. It is something that is not selfish—it is a way of giving yourself to another. When you love a person love her just the way she is; appreciate her imperfections for that imperfection makes her beautifully perfect. 
10 Ways to Win Her heart
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Winning her heart is not as easy as 1-2-3. You need to do something special to make her fall in love with you-- to make her say “Yes!”You don’t need to be too handsome, smart, and rich or cast potions or spells to make her fall in-love; all you need to do is the proper way of asking and winning her heart. And the best way to win her heart to show that you are sincere to her that you really love here.

Below are some of the ways on how to win a girl. These ideas are based on my inquisitive questions to my girl classmates/friends.

1. Be confident - Never faltered and be confident all the time. Girls love cool guys and if you are courting a girl you must show her that you are dedicated and sincere. Do not be too confident/ shameless, just be true to yourself and act naturally.

2. Be a good friend – Friendship is another form of love and love starts with friendship. You don’t need to be in a hurry, know her better and make her feel happy all the time with your company. Always put limits and show her your real self for whatever you are, if she really loves you she will like you just the way you are. 

3. Observe proper hygiene – If you want to look good all time, then you must have your proper hygiene. Girls hate stinky guys, but they really love fresh looking guys. If you are clean and fresh in her eyes, then she will always love to hangouts and get together with you. 

4. Groom yourself – Wear appropriate clothes and accessories. Shave your beard and have a neat haircut. Have a proper posture and speak gently. Girls love gentle and cool guys so better start changing your bad habits and attitudes.

5. Be true to yourself – Always remember to love yourself for you cannot love others if you can’t love your own self. Just be yourself and never make lies to her for it is the cause of disappointment and misunderstanding. You do not need to pretend that you’re like this and that, for you are perfectly awesome just the way you are.

6. Improve a skill or talent – You will be more interesting if you have something that you can show or offer to her like singing for her special days or playing some instruments. Improve your talents and never be afraid of showing it to her. There are plenty of skills that can be improved all you need to do is to harness and tap those potentials within you. 

7. Keep a constant communication – Communication is the medium in order for you to enter her heart. It is your way of showing your dedication and sincerity that you really like and loves her. It is also the key for you to know her better. Message her with sweet quotes and messages and never forget to tell her how much you love her.

8. Help her when needed – A girlfriend is just like your best friend too, you need to help her when she needs help and assistance. Someone that can be lean on at times of problems, a shoulder to hold on when everything seems to fall and a helping hand who will uplift you when you are down. 

9. Be friends with her friends – This would not be too necessary but if you want to be her girlfriend you must learn to get along with her friends too. It would be helpful to know her better for her friends know her more than you do. If her friends like you to be her boyfriend then it would be easy for you to enter and win her heart. 

10.Appreciate her – Love her for whatever she is and make her feel special by appreciation. Learn to appreciate simple things for love starts from those simple things until it grows into bigger ones.  Compliment her when it is needed and show her how much you love her. Do not be in a hurry, take it slow for love is a serious matter.

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