Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus Music Video Impression

Wrecking Ball Review
Photo Credit: Kenneth Agudo
When we hear the words “wrecking ball” we may think of Miley Cyrus, because it’s her latest single in 2013. It’s gained a lot of critics and reaction, especially on her music video where she was riding naked on a wrecking ball, while crashing walls, as she sings her song passionately.

The music video has gained more views than the new singles by Katy Perry’s,  Roar and Lady Gaga’s,  Applause. Lots of Miley haters bashed the singer calling her among other names; a whore, and slut. Some of her fans are sad because of her extreme change in terms of attitude and personality. She has even changed her hairstyle and the way she wears clothes. She also popularized the term “twerking” as shaking the butt in a certain manner.

At the start of the song, it seems that it was dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, after their break-up. Some rumors circulated that the reason for their breakup was that Liam Hemsworth, was flirting with other girls and was cheating on Miley Cyrus which brought their five-year relationship to an end. Miley Cyrus’ expected wedding didn’t happen and that may have put her life into a downward spiral of destruction. She is in pain and that’s obviously, clear in her music video and shows what she feels and what her life is like now.

My impression of the song Wrecking Ball is that it emits a feeling of madness, but it’s full of passion and emotion. Is Cyrus, who was naked in the video because she has nothing left to lose and she’d give all she has in return of her boyfriend, who didn’t treasure and take care of their relationship?

 Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

The music video was censored, which was annoying to many,  but it was a  way for Miley Cyrus to ease the pain and to show and release her emotion. And for me, it’s okay; she’s become more artistic and passionate in her songs that put her on the top list in 2013. She is more famous now not because of the music video, but because of her song that captivates broken hearts.

She was wrecked by the person who she loved very much and she didn’t walk away, but she was a force to do so. The taste of the hammer coming down was bitter as her experience shows how the wrecking ball represents how she was crushed and ruined by the relationship that didn’t work.

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