Signs He Is (NOT) Attracted to You

Signs that a Guy is Attracted to You
Signs when a guy is attracted to you via
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When a guy is attracted to you, probably they will be doing ways in order for you to get your attention. He will be making ways for him to get closer to you and catch your attention. These are the typical signs that a guy is attracted to you. And as a guy and if you are wondering what are our moods and thoughts, then you basically need to read this blog.

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Before we begin and cite the signs that he is attracted to you, we better cite first the things that seem to be awkward, the things that will slap you with the painful reality that he is not attracted to you. 

This is the ordinary scenarios that a guy is not attracted to you:

1. The girl meets the guy and the girl started to flirt, but the guy is so nonchalant that he doesn’t even realize that the girl is already flirting with him. This is because he is in love with somebody else; his attention is on another chick!

2. The guy meets the girl and their meet up was great but after two weeks the guys started to ignore girl’s text messages and phone calls. Definitely, it was just an infatuation and the guy is not serious with the girl, for if yes he will do everything just to see and talk to her every day.

3. The girl adds the guy on social media site, she chats the guy and the guy replies very scarcely, ouch! That means he is not interested to talk with you or make a good conversation.

4.  The guy tells the girl I love you within one week of getting-to-know-each-other. This is total shit, who the hell will fall-in-love in such a very short range of time. Definitely, he just wanted to have one-night-stand or one-shot with you.

So those are just some of the apathetic acts that a guy can do to a girl when he is not attracted to her. So let us now enumerate the possible signs if a guy is attracted to you:

1. The guy and the girl meet their eyes and it feels like the time goes so slow, it feels like both of you are in a slow-mo scene staring into each other eyes. This is love-at-first-site! That is because on your first meet up, there is already spark and connection between you and the guy.

2. The guy text and call you often. He wants to talk to you always and be close to you every second.

3. The guy makes fun of you. This is somewhat one of the most-happened-scene when a guy is interested in you. He wanted to catch your attention that is why he makes fun of you or tells jokes.

4. The guy adds you to every social media account that you have. This action clearly states that he interested in you. He wants to know you better!

This is based on my experiences and behavior as a guy when my eyes meet a very interesting girl. This is also affected by my classmates’ opinions and friends suggestions. Please keep in mind that this sign comes from a guy and if you are a girl, you better know the “Bro Code”. This will help you know us better!

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