10 Body Language Signals He's Flirting With You

" I'm not flirting, I'm just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive."
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It's natural if you see a guy flirting with a girl he likes by teasing her, by being too close to her or by feeling a bit nervous (by fidgeting). Surely, there are a lot of other things that you might think about how a guy will show that he's interested in you or just flirting. 

Here, his body language will be given more emphasis on the body's actions itself can show more of obvious signs that he's flirting with a girl he likes. Though it is difficult to read body language at times, it is just possible to know where to start. Here are ten body language as a sign to know if a guy is flirting with you.

1. His Head

Ever experienced having a man tilting his head towards you while having a conversation? Well, if you think it's just normal, you have to believe me, he's interested in you. He won't be facing you like that, listen to your words attentively, and act like he's very comfortable with your conversation if he himself isn't interested in you. 

2. His Face 

He blushes around you. If a guy blushes while you are talking with him, then it's an obvious sign that he likes you and he is trying to flirt with you. Well, you try it the next time you talk with him about something personal and he reacts the same blushing, then he is just showing that he likes you. Blushing is a sure sign that he really is flirting with you for it's a bodily reaction that can't be controlled.

3. His Eye Contact 

A guy's eye contact with you is another sign that he likes you. It's true that we need eye contact when we have a conversation or conveying our thoughts to people, but when a man stares at you differently, then there's something on it. When you caught him staring at you then eventually looks away, that's another thing. He's just a bit shy and felt awkward seeing you caught him. When both of you got along with each other, then you see him having a stronger eye contact that lasts for a couple of seconds, then that's it. If he looks at you for a longer period than an average person does, then his looks tell it so that he's interested in you.

4. His Eyebrows 

Watch out if you see a guy raises his eyebrows while looking at you.  If you see him that way, that could be another sign.  A guy tends to lift his eyebrows if they see someone they are attracted to. Also, if you see his eyes winking at you, that's another sign. (Except of course if he's having a problem with his eyesight.  smile emoticon )

5. His Nose 

I'm not very particular with this, but others say that if a guy's nostrils flare slightly, it means he's interested in a girl. This gives his face an expression that is more open and being more attractive to the girl he is interested too. 

6. His Lips 

A guy's smile is one of the surest sign that a guy is interested in you. If you'll notice that he's smiling at you, then that's a good sign that he likes you. You know what, if you'll realize it meticulously, you'll notice that there's a smile a guy can give a girl that he likes different to any other person- that special smile that we call. So if you like him too, just give back your sweetest smile ever to him. 

7. His Chest 

For a guy to show that he is the alpha when a girl he likes is around is that he will let his chest slightly out. But at a later time, you'll be noticing this, that when he's much comfortable now talking with you, he will feel much relaxed. With this, a guy is just catching your attention at first, that's why he's doing it so.

8. His Hands 

He is becoming touchy. If a guy likes a girl, he'll do any physical contact just to be close to you. When you're having a conversation then he suddenly lingers on your skin, that could be a sign. But if you see him doing the same with others, then he may be just a natural flirt. Oops, don't be deceived by touchy moves, sometimes, he may be going beyond the point of just being flirty, and trying to harass you. Be wary of that intention.

9. His Legs

Look at his legs, when they are wide apart while standing in front of you, he is trying to show off to you his manly manner. And when he's sitting, he will let his legs and feet face your side.

10. His Feet 

This is definitely one sure sign that a guy is flirting. A guy doesn't just brush his feet against someone if he wants to. The movement of his feet towards a girl constantly is one huge sign.

Written by: Ken Wolf

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