14 Undeniable Signs A Guy Is "Attracted to You"

Are you on a quest for finding out an answer if a guy is attracted to you? Or let just say you are searching for answers if what are mostly the signs of a guy who has a crush on a woman. Simple as it is but very complex to understand since emotion varies from time to time.

14 Undeniable Signs that a Guy is Attracted to You
You cannot conclude that he has a crush on you if he did not say it personally to you. But you can say and feel it if a guy is interested in you through signs that are barely noticeable. These are undeniable signs that a guy is interested in you. However, some of these signs are rarely seen because men are quite silent and not showy. But these signs are almost identical from the “signs that a girl has a crush on you”.

These signs are based on the information’s/opinions/surveys that I have gathered out of 20 subjects that I have asked and at the same time my personal experience. Most of them are my friends and schoolmates. As a guy with experience, I do believe these signs are truly reliable and acceptable.

1. He texts you often – He asks for your number and wants to be your TextMate. This is one of the earliest signs that a guy is interested in a girl. He sends love quotes and often times personal messages asking if: “have you already eaten?”, “how are you?”

2. He talks more about you – This is pretty noticeable and in most cases, the friends of the guy will first notice this because he often diverts conversation about the girl. When a guy talks more about you, he is obviously interested in you knowing that he wanted to know you more.

3. He’s always there to listen – Relationships mostly started from friendship, then develop into a more exclusive relationship. You will notice if a guy is interested in you when he is always there to listen, a shoulder to lean on when you are in pain.

4. He wants to be with you always – When a guy wants to be with you always, the only reason why he wanted to be with you always is that he is happy when you’re there. He enjoys your companion. That’s it!

5. He blushes and falters – As men, we cannot deny the fact that some of us are shy “type” when it comes to the girls we have crushes on. Some fall-out from confidence and some are obviously blushing.

6. He stares at you often – Some men are tough and showy while others have hard times going near and interacting with the girl they have a crush on. So remember this, a guy is likely interested and attracted to you if he often stares at you, or somewhat sneak glances when you are not looking.

7. He’s happy when you’re there – Just like what I have said before, a guy is attracted to you when he shows blithe when you’re near. He is happy whenever you’re around and can’t resist looking at you while smiling.

8. He treats you more special than other – When a guy has a crush/attracted to you, it is unsubtle and patent. Whenever you are with your peer he often gives you special treatment and attention.

9. He always asks you for hangouts – “Hey, are you free tonight?”, “Come with me to the party”, “Can you be my partner for tonight’s occasion?” These are some of the few questions that you might hear when a guy asks you for hangouts. These are clear signs that he is attracted to you!

10. He flings on you – Just like I have said before, some men are showy of what they feel. When they are magnified to you, they’ll start flirting with you, talking sweet words and giving you things that you did not ask for flowers, chocolates, and love letters.

11. He respects you at any cost – I do believe that as a guy, we need to respect girls. I know that in Western Countries, at young age teen lovers are doing intimate things which should only be done by married couples. A guy must also learn to respect what they want and should always maintain personal privacy even you are already in a relationship.

12. He wants to be near always – Getting near is slightly different from being with – some men are shy that they cannot get even closer to you so they choose to be just near where they can glance at you from time to time. You can barely observe this since they seem to be odd from the way they move and act when you are near.

13. He stalks you – We cannot deny the fact that some are frankly obsessed that they even spy at any cost. They act weird, talk stolen pictures, gather data from your friends and even stalk on you online through your social media accounts like Facebook.

14. He declares that you two look awesome together – They say when a guy wanted a girl they need to be prompt on what they feel. They need to speak personally to the girl whom they are attracted which is good and frank. However, a guy must be cautious and careful enough in saying words for it might cause a bad impression.

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