10 Things to Know About Getting Over a Breakup

They say when you love a person you must love her just the way she is. You must accept all her weaknesses and flaws-- and that’s how love works, loving a person just like your own self. Some people when they get in-love they often give all that they have without any reservation for their selves. It is like giving your half heart to your partner, but what if one day they leave you, will you still be fixed and be whole as a person?

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Loving a person is part of our lives, and it’s normal to a social being. No man is an island, everybody must be in pairs for continuity, God had once told us “Go and multiply”.

But what if one day your relationship got broken, will you still continue your life and learn to love again once more? Let’s be true to ourselves that it is painful to have breakups especially you really love and adore that person. It is lofty to move on when you are already used to have her in your life for almost years. Letting go for something/someone you really want to last is like piercing your heart and breaking it into pieces. There is one thing that I am really sure of, you will be happy again at the right moment and at the right time when your heart had let go of the things that put burdens on you. All you need to do is to make some measures on how to get rid of the pain. 

Below are some of the ways that might help you let go of the pain and be happy again after your breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

1. Put away all the remnants that remind you of your ex. 

Seeing his/her pictures, gifts, letters, messages, etc. often is not good if you are in the process of moving on. It would be nice if you put it in a box, burn it or just keep it in a place where you will not see it anymore. It is not about escaping from him/her, but you need some time to forget him/her and heal the wounds.

2. Do new things that will keep you busy.

When you are in the stage of letting go it is really painful, especially he/she keeps on lingering into your thoughts. Whenever you take pause memories keeps on resonating; making yourself busy will lessen the pain and you will forget for a while the aches that keep on tormenting you.

3. Cry it out 

Crying doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are brave enough to lose the pain that aches within. It has the relieving effect that medicine doesn’t have. Let your tears flow until it gets dry and arid. Once the emotions have exuded you will feel renewed and replenished.

4. Indulge yourself 

Go outside and make some fun memories with other people, it will surely help you forget the bad memories you have experienced in the past. Remember an atom is replaced by another atom after 5 days, meaning everything doesn’t last and our painful memories will be just on our non-conscious mind. So start building good memories with other people. Go shopping, camping, and other recreational activities.

5. Meet new people 

Remember that some people are not meant to be there for us forever. Some will find their selves, some will have their own family, some will just teach us what life means and some will go to other places. Free yourself from the cage you are incarcerated, don’t let your resentment spoil your future life. Meet new friends and learn to open your heart again to other people.

6. Entertain suitors 

Some people are afraid to love again after a breakup, but it is the best way to be happy again. Never think that your suitors are just the same as your past girlfriend/boyfriend. Do not compare them for they are absolutely unique individuals. Who knows one of them will be your partner. Open your heart again and let them in and fix you.

7. Go out on a date 

It would be nice if you start dating again to other people. Take some time to know them better and learn from your previous relationship, it will be the best guide for you to find your true love. You already experienced the worst things that might happen once you are in a relationship so try to get rid of the things that you know will just hurt you in the end. Be smart and don’t let your heart decide in all your decision, use your brain too.

8. Listen to music 

Music has a healing effect and it would be very helpful if you will find time listening to live music and make some relaxing time with your own self. Let your emotion flow with the music in its part of the healing process. Once you have gone through with this it would be just easier for you to move on. Listen to the lyrics of the music and it will give you more ideas and healthy perspectives in life.

9 Evaluate your feelings 

Now that you have already gone through with the painful stage of breakups, all you need to do is to be smart enough in evaluating and controlling your feelings. It would be good if you will not jump easily to a conclusion. Take some time to know if your feelings are really true to your new suitor. Never get deceived again by what your heart yearns for, sometimes it’s just attraction. Use your nutshell.

10. Dare to fall in-love again

Open your heart to other people and let them enter into your life once more. Never think that everything will happen again just like what happened in your past. Be positive and be mature, be smart and cool – love once more and if it doesn’t work love again until you’ve found your true love/partner.

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