10 Short Life Lessons for YOU

The world is broken up with different people who live on it, you have to choose whom you will accompany with for it really matters.
 Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

It’s just the way that life doesn’t end when you’re lost and stumbled; it’s all about how you handle yourself by your emotions and aches. You must not quit because in every game theirs a loser and a winner and not all the times you will be the loser, never surrender because only the person who will persist and resist the hardship will inevitably win the game of life.

Don’t feel sorry about your downfalls, maybe it’s not just for you, maybe it’s just destiny but always keep in mind that being defeated doesn’t matter most, the important is how you played the game without a blow cause after the stormy season of your lives there will be a light ray that would turn your world into happiness.

Just always remember to pray and thank God for everything, because you will realize someday that there are good thing from the dark side of the world, being victimized or being an innocent, does not matters most but on how you strive and walk from the Isle of life which we call “EARTH “having the love, passion and perseverance would lift you up towards victory and serenity!! And the greatest treasure we have got is the experience that no one can even steal from us.

Insights to Emulate:

Life is bombarded with different paradigms of society, every value and beliefs vary from one another. Every culture may contradict the other, but it’s the reality itself, the world is formed through a diverse way of living.

Exposing every day to this diversity may lead to confusion and evolution of man toward a new era. Cosmopolitan is even occurring these days, submerging the western and eastern culture to form new subcultures.

Either way that is life; continuously changing and developing to a productive and complicated ways, with those updates and renovations of today’s existence, what are the best things to absorb and emulate for a better standing in life?

1. Have the courage and motivation to reach out and improve your skills and abilities.

2. Have your faith all the time even at stake.

3. Be an optimistic or positive thinker, convert trials into stepping stone towards success.

4. Always wear a smile and never frown your face because it ignites positive vibes.

5. Have the proper education for you to be equipped with life’s’ challenges.

6. Never use ignorance as a defense or barricade for you to be at the pinnacle.

7. Love the person who truly cares and treasure them to make it your inspirations.

8. Always showcase what you’ve got because a unique opportunity is only once.

9. Use experience as a tool to be strong not a sedative to be weak.

10. Always use virtues and principles of life which may help every decision you take.

“When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.”    -Alexander Graham Bell

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