10 Principles to Live A "Happier Life"

Are you living a miserable life that seems to be so worthless that you think it is not worth living for? Are you searching for happiness? Or Are you contented with your life in your present situation? Life is only one to frown your face each morning. There are so many things to enjoy in this funny world with a bunch of crazy people. Try to think of this:

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash
If money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?
Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
Why does glue doesn’t stick to its bottle?
If you aren’t supposed to drink and drive, why do bars have parking lots?
We are a funny bunch of people living in a seriously funny world.
So live, laugh and love! 
And if you realized what life really means after reading the message, then you are heading on the right path now. You only need to appreciate every single day of your life and learn to value things, but it would not be so easy if you have already a bad mindset – someone who thinks that the world is harsh and unpleasant.

In order to be a healthy person you also need to be emotionally balanced and in order to have that equilibrium, you need to have a proper mindset and life’s view. Below are some of the following ways to be happy.

#1 Be Content With What You Have

Bill Gates once said: “Life is unfair and lets us get used to it.” You don’t need to have all the things in this world all you need to do is to be contented and be happy with what you have right now. You might not have all the luxurious things on this planet, but think of other people who were less fortunate than you?

#2 Spend Quality Time With People You Love 

Time is the most precious gift that you can give to any people you loved for it is priceless. Give some quality time with them -- being with them is different with having quality time with them. Cherish every moment and let them feel how much you love them. Bring them to your favorite restaurants, play with them, travel to places or communicate often. 

#3 Treat Yourself 

Sometimes we often forget to do some relaxing time with ourselves because of the hectic schedules. Try to make some time to yourself; meditate and compliment yourself every job well done. Buy something you want or indulge yourself in the things you love. It would be better if we know ourselves better.

#4 Be Optimistic 

Your thinking attitude reflects the way you live your life. If you are a pessimistic person to all the things that are happening in your life, then you will surely have a miserable life. But once you have an optimistic countenance you will have a happy life with fewer worries and problems.

#5 Be Honest With Your Feelings 

When you and your self can’t be honest about what you feel, you will probably have a confused life full of limitations. Be yourself and act the way you feel, be true to yourself and don’t let your actions rely on what other people told you to do so. Be open to yourself and the weights of life will be lighter.

#6 Accept Your Flaws

Nobody’s perfect, so you should not be afraid of committing mistakes. Learn to accept your flaws and limitations and you will be a happier person than you are right now and most of all you will not feel bad when someone critics you.

#7 Live Healthy Lifestyles 

Health is wealth; you can enjoy life more if you have a good physique and mental alertness for, you can do more things than an ordinary person. You will gain self-esteem that will boost your self-satisfaction.

#8 Learn to Appreciate Even the Simplest Things 

We are composed of tiny particles called atoms and everything here on this earth is made up of those tiny atoms. In analogy, life is comprised of those simple things and if we will collect those tiny parts/simple things we will be complete and happier. Try to smile when they smile at you, appreciate their simple acts and thank God every morning. These are just a few of the simple things that are happening in our day to day living.

#9 Be Conscious of Your Spiritual Faith 

Without God, we are nothing. If we will live through His teachings and commandments, then our life will be worthwhile with less torment and stress. We should live in accordance with God and live with a mission. Read the bible, attend the prayer vigil and participate in religious activities. Strengthen your faith.

#10 Live your Dreams, Make it Your Reality!

Hold your dreams tightly for without that dream life is like a barren field frozen with snow and a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Live with what you wanted like taking the college course you want, marrying the girl you love, traveling abroad and etc--Live life to the fullest!


  1. We have a happier life because we do many things in our work that involves the whole family. Life isn’t always perfect but we can rely on each other when times are difficult.

  2. So much great information. I have been trying to focus on many of these this past year. I was at a place where I no longer made time for myself and it made it hard to think optimistically and to treasure the moments I was having with loved ones. I have had a complete change of thought this year and it's been great!

  3. Sounds like good advice. I am definitely happier now than when I was younger. I don't really care what others think, and I avoid drama and toxic people in my life. I try to keep balance and live healthier.

  4. These seem like fairly common sense notions but in the hustle and bustle of life can be easy to forget. These are great tips we should all keep in mind more often!

  5. Great advice. There are quite a few of these that I need to work on. Accepting my flaws is big!