The Wolverine 2013 Review

Since I am bored again and I need some entertainment, I have decided to watch “The Wolverine” which was one of Marvel’s comic heroes. I have this movie on my laptop but never tried to watch it when it was new, trending and showing in cinemas.
Wolverine Movie Review
About the Story

The story starts when Wolverine is summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance. He is embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons. He will be fighting odds through his companion Yukio saving the life of the princess who was in danger. 

First Impression

At first, I thought it was boring since I am not very interested in the character. I also thought that it was plain and normal and as far as I know, I already know his story for I have already read its story on Marvel comics and on the internet as well. So I never attempted to watch it before.

My Impression after Watching

After watching the movie, I realized that I was too wrong of my bad criticism. The movie was astonishing and incredible that’s why it was popular with children and to people who are interested in marvel heroes. You will also discover Wolverine story, how he got his power and how he fights against odds. 

The story was inspiring too; you will learn how to value friendship by protecting one another from danger. The film tickles your imagination and you will surely be astounded by some revelations that you will never expect. 

I really enjoyed the movie and will surely lurk for its sequel if there is. However, I am still wondering what happened to his wife since it was not told in the story. His dreams were fraught with nightmares and every time he woke up he always in shock that he would think it was true. 

The Wolverine Official Trailer

Just like other superheroes, his life is also miserable. But he is the movie he becomes an inspiration to people because of his bravery to fight circumstances and how to bounce back from a fall. 

My Rating

I would give 4 stars out of 5 in this movie. I was entertained and inspired too. I hope that there will be part two of the movie. And when it is released I would not waste time to grab my copy and watch it with my friends, family or classmates.