300: Rise of an Empire 2014 Review

Below are my impression and review about the movie. Whatever I have stated and written below is not biased and therefore true and what I have seen in the movie. My review might be different from others since viewers have different taste and expectations.

300 Chapter 2 Moview Review
Xerxes via
The story begins when Greek General Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces that were led by the mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia. The two are vengeful commanders of the Persian Navy.

My Impression

I was looking forward to this movie since it was a sequel to the movie “300” that was aired last 2006. I was expecting for more epic and good story transition but my expectations’ was not met but since I will be making a movie review I finished watching it even it was not too much interesting to watch. 

Anyway, the movie was not really bad it is just in a way that I was expecting for more. But I will make some affirmative reviews which I do think superb and excellent based on what I have observed and seen in the movie. 

The Greek warriors are effective that you will really think that they are really true warriors. You will also think that they are real Greek warriors because of body physique and structure. The facial expression was excellent and impressive. I have noticed that the movie story tell what happened to Xerxes the “King of Persia” why he came back full of gold pierce in his body. And why he was very angry with Greece.

It also seems that the movie was mixed with fictional creatures which is very unrealistic but not to the point that you will see it through visual but through observations. But in some manners, the movie was clear with high definition that elevates the movie rating. 

300Rise of an Empire - Official Trailer

About the actors and actress

They are very good. They really portrayed their roles very well and I will applaud it for it deserves to be affirmed.  The movie was not really bad, but what makes it not too interesting to watch till the end is the bad cinematography. The transition and the whole story were not too interesting. I expected more. . .