Fun Size 2012 Review

It was Halloween -- the movie had started when Albert her little brother sneaked and got lost in the midst of Halloween feast. Her sister When Halloween plans go awry, as she needs to find her before her mother went home from the Halloween party for if not she will be scolded by her mother and will not let her attend school at New York City. 
Fun Size 2012 Movie Review
They will be experiencing an “epic fail” Halloween night that will ignite their relationship to two oldie and weird guys who will end up falling in love with them. And the twist was that they never thought that they will fall in love with those two guys which will help them find her little brother.

My Review 

The movie shows how teenagers act today, especially in western countries. How they celebrate Halloween night and how they traditionally do “trick or treat” on their neighbors. The movie also reflects how much they enjoyed Halloween night that they really put efforts on their Halloween costumes. You can also notice that they really love Halloween and even elder’s manage to wear Halloween suits. 

The movie was hilarious and I could say that it is a comedy film and at the same time an adventure movie in a way that they tackled and had faced several conflicts that will measure how tight is their friendship and relationship to one another.

The little kid was cute and very funny. I thought he can’t speak but when they were in the cemetery, he voices out through his eyes what he feels about not having a father while growing. He was playful and at the same time prove that he manages to trick bigger guys even he’s small. 

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The movie also foretells what true love really means. That in terms of loving a person, it is not all about the looks -- how hot and beautiful/handsome you are but it’s about what you truly feel and how will you fight for it till the end.

My Rating

I will give this comedy movie 4 stars. I never expect that the movie will be ending the way I never used to think. It was full of excitement and it is a film for the whole family so I would recommend that you watch this movie if you feel bored.