Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 Review

In this part, Ron, Fred, and George will rescue Harry and bring him back to school. As they go back to school where Harry Potter treats it as a Home for him, they will be unveiling the chamber of secrets where the monster lies beneath the underground pipes of the school which was the basilisk. It was a vicious threat to the entire school of wizardry which was the reason of petrifaction of some students.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 2002 Movie Review
My Reaction/Review

Before, I never got interested watching Harry Potter series for I often feel drowsy in the midst of the movie. Maybe because I did not understand the story and I was not aware of the earlier series that makes it hard for me to comprehend and understand the whole story. So my first impression was that the movie was boring and not so interesting to watch.

But lately, one of my erstwhile classmate share that the movie was fascinating and incredible and that’s the time I got interested in watching Harry Potter Series from the very first part of it. Luckily, I have copied Harry Potter Series movie and kept it in my movie folder so that in case I become more curious about the movie I could watch it anytime.

So let me share you my impression after watching the movie and how it awakened my interest. This series was mind boggling and at the same time full of mysteries. It would probably catch your curiosity and attention since there is plenty of wizardries already happening. Spells and magic are fascinating that would surely tickle your imagination.

The school looks really true and I am impressed of their settings, magical and fictional characters seem to be so authentic that you will also think they really exist. And of course the actors are very effective too, they really suited to the character they were portraying.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Trailer

I also realized that my first impression was wrong that I have done a bad reaction without watching the whole movie. So after watching the first series, I could say that the author of the book series has a brilliant mind putting life to unimaginable entities and at the same time the director of the movie who gives justice of what the book really implies.

My Rate

I would give this movie a 4.5 star. It was almost perfect and I strongly recommend that you watch this movie. The movie suited for the whole family and for sure, kids would really love the art of wizardry and magic scenes of the movie. It’s worth to watch!