Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2004 Review

It's Harry Potter’s third year at Hogwarts with his new "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher, but vicious trouble galore in his way as a convicted murderer Sirius Black has escaped the Wizards' Prison and is coming for him.
Harry Potter and the Prince of Azkaban Review
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My Review/Reaction

This is the third series of the movie series “Harry Potter” and as usual it never disappoints me. It was another excellent series that I was a fan had absolutely enjoyed. So I would like to make another reaction and review this series so let us begin:

In this series, Harry seems to have grown as a fine young lad. He has already the guts to fight against Dursley’s abusive and defaming words against his parents. He exiled from the Dursley’s house and went again to Hogwarts for another school year.

The news had diffused like particulate matters in the air that a vicious prisoner named Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. Dementors were in search to capture Sirius and whoever block their way will be at stake.

So Harry was in danger again in this series for Sirius Black is searching to kill him. Hogwarts professors’ has issued full protection and a curfew to the Hogwarts community as Dementors was all over the place and Sirius might be just around which is a serious threat to everyone because he was the only prisoner who had escaped from Azkaban.

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There were revelations about the death of Harry’s parent that would give justice to Mr. and Mrs. Potter’s death. And this change and revelation will spare the lives of innocent people who have been accused of the crime that they've never done.

My Rating
I will give this a perfect 5 stars again. The series was really inspiring and at the same time amusing. Can’t wait to watch the next series of it and to you guys, I strongly recommend that you watch this movie. It is worth to watch!