The Legend of Hercules 2014 Review

The Legend of hercules movie review
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The movie was epic! 

The story was all about the mythical Greek Hero “Hercules” who has been betrayed by his stepfather, King Amphitryon. He exiled to fight for his nation and got defeated by a legion of enemies. He was sold into slavery because of his forbidden love to Princess Hebe. Hercules used his formidable powers to fight his way back to his kingdom to save Princess Hebe from marrying his traitorous brother.

I really enjoyed the movie from the very first start until the end. I thought it was boring since I don’t really like historical movies for it makes me feel drowsy. My mind was tickled by this movie, it was really intense and the actors and actresses are very effective just like you are at that historical time.

The effect was very real and you will think that it was really it is since it was constructed and made that you might think it was. I do think that the movie will be a good teaching material for historian teachers. For it tells a history of what really happened in Greece at that time. The costumes are impressive that add up to the intensity, and the war setting looks really true. Truly amazing!

About the cinematography; the art or technique and lightning motion pictures. It was superb and you can really see that it was made and executed well.  And I could barely compare it to “300 The Rise of An Empire” which is another related movie to this. But the “Legend of Hercules” is much better and realistic.

When it comes to actors – The main character was Kellan Lutz, who played the role “Hercules”. He amazingly portrayed the role of Hercules and give life to it. He really fits it since he has the characteristic of Hercules. He has the aura of a Roman God and warrior based on his physique and body structure. He has the charm of the mighty “Hercules” which was the son of God of Gods. 

The actresses have the beauty of the Goddess and they really look attractive. The movie shows female softness and toughness. I was really “wow” by the queen of their enemy. She was tough and dangerous, though her life story was miserable that was shown as a flashback in the movie. At the same time, I was captivated by the beauty of Princess Hebe, who had a relationship with “Hercules”.

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The movie ends happily that you might never think since the war was tragic and unpredictable. But I would strongly recommend to you that you watch this movie. It is really good!