Sucker Punch 2011 Review

This is a Sci-Fi movie of Emily Browning as Lady Doll who had been institutionalized and sent by his abusive stepfather to a mental hospital.
Sucker Punch Movie Review
Sucker Punch by by_lainiwakura86
It was a thunderous stormy and grimy night when her stepfather had attempted to abuse her little sister but her sister run and tried to hide from their abusive stepfather. By trying to save her sister, she shoots her stepfather but she had failed to do it and instead, she accidentally killed her sister. She was in shock and got petrified by her fears. She dropped the gun and flee but it was too late since the sheriffs have already come and she was accused of a murdered crime that was not intended to happen. She can’t even defend herself and tell that it was a self-defense and all the faults must be put to her stepfather. 

She was forced and sent to Lennox House of Mental Insanity. In that miserable place, she knew that there are lots of innocent girls just like her. They were all incarcerated and bought by devilish smugglers and businessman’s who used to make money from bad ways. By retreating to an alternative reality as a solving strategy, she envisioned and planned a way on how to escape from that hellish place and they know it would be a tough job for them. 

The movie was a blend of reality and fantasy (alternate reality). It was also a type of adventure which uses a lot of imagination. In order for them to escape from the mental hospital they needed: a map, a lighter, knife, the key and the last tool will be discovered during the adventure. It was an exaggeration but it will totally blow your imagination and mind.

In the midst of their battle in getting the things that they needed in order to escape, some of their friends have sacrificed their lives just to succeed in their plans. It was a type of sorority and no one must be left since if they were the team. 

Sucker Punch - Official HD Trailer 
by Zack Snyder

At the end, only Emily Browning and Jena Malone survive. But it was not the finale of their journey, Emily had decided to sacrifice and let rocket escape since there are caps guarding outside and they might get caught. She left rocket at the main gate and told her: “My story ends here, but your story starts here, have a safe escape and have the freedom as you wanted to be”. Then at the last scene, Emily was put in a laboratory for a brain surgery that affects her thinking and behavior. But she was happy enough that she put the limits against reality and imaginary journey.