Insidious Chapter II Review

The horror movie was one of my favorite types of movie that I use to watch always. I love the excitement whenever it thrills me and makes my hair in my tiny pores stand up. I love to feel the intensity of the movie as it goes to its climax until it ends. And as a fun fact of watching horror movies, did you know that watching horror films burns fat? That is the fact that I had discovered as one of the health benefits of watching horror movies. It was proven in the survey that it really lessens and burns fat in a way that our body sweats as we get thrilled.
Insidious 2 movie review
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And as a fanatic of watching horror movies, I have written this viewer's reaction and also a review of the latest horror film "Insidious 2". The film was scary from the very first start but it is advisable that you watch first chapter one of the Insidious since it is a continuation of the film. And for you to get the essence of the story quick for it will be perplexing if you did not watch the first chapter of Insidious. 

The stories rotated from a suspicious and curse music box that was seen by her son in their backyard. They never knew that the house that they had settled have been cursed by someone and that's tragic and the horror begins in their silent life as they encounter frightful infestations in the house. Unfortunately, their son was the first victim, he was paralyzed without any reason but they never expected that their son was never been paralyzed rather their son's soul was captured by Parker which was the man in a black wedding dress.

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They ask help from an exorcist and it was confirmed that an evil entity had incarcerated their son's soul and they needed to free the soul for it is the only way to make their son's life back. And the son's father takes the risk and as he has also the supernatural powers to do an "astral projection"

Insidious: Chapter 2 Official Trailer #1 (2013)

In a nutshell, I find it frightful especially the mother of Parker that was very bad and scary. It was scarier than chapter one as I compare it. A more intense and shocking scene in Insidious 2 and the thrill was high enough that you might scream in some theaters. So I’ll give them 4 stars out of five!