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Forsage, which is headed by Lado Okhotnikov, is a smart contract multi-level marketing scheme cryptocurrency earning program and is considered the number #1 Dapp in Ethereum Blockchain right now. It is being monopolized  in Ethereum Blockchain that hogged 13 percent of Ethereum network that is the reason for its soaring ETH transaction gas fee.

This smart contract claims that its program will continue to work even the website is closed for any circumstances. also said that government cannot shut it down as it works in a decentralized network and free from any kind of restriction from authority.

For example, in  the Philippines the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have advised the public to avoid as its scheme engage individuals /group to participate in unauthorized crowd –funding investment in cryptocurrency which is not regulated and registered  with Securities and Exchange Commission.  The Ethereum network Dapp also lack valid license to solicit, partake crowd-funding investment from the public.

Just like “Bitcoin” it was also tagged as Ponzi before but looks at bitcoin now, the price is surging $11,000 USD right now. With, it only started last February 2020 this year but members is surging very fast with 828, 017 members already. No one can manipulate and control it as its decentralize smart contract!

If you join early, you get the highest possible earning as people will be spilling under you automatically. You can earn huge ETH without even inviting but if you can refer members, you can earn double or triple and earnings is automatically sent on your trust wallet which you only have the access. It’s not like MLM Company where you need to wait for few days/ weeks just to receive your earnings.

How to Register?

1. Register here to have proper positioning and receive spill-over from the team even without referring someone else! -- Join:

2. Install Trust Wallet with your android device. Unfortunately IOS devices stop applications that support Dapps application.

3. Once trust wallet is installed, you need to have 0.055 ETH as a one-time registration fee which is around $10.00 USD.

4. To log in, open Trust Wallet and go to Dapp Browser and type “”

5. Enter your ETH Wallet Address to authorize the device.

How Forsage Matrix Marketing Works: matrix marketing as quoted on their website is a “closed system without deadlines for slots and with a limited number of places and unlimited of reinvest” This means you have your unique referral link, a distributed link where every referral will be evenly distributed in the team and always follow your superior partner each of the slot a member activated.

There are currently two programs which you can avail – Forsage x3 and Forsage x4 which have both 12 slots. See the diagram below:




How to Earn on enables you to earn passive income especially you were able to build your team already. By just referring three members under you and asking they do the same but you are not required to invite! Check this out, these people never referred someone else but was able to earn because they position early. 


You can do the same. Join me at Forsage: 

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