How I Got a Startup Job in Singapore as Foreigner

You might wonder how to find a job here in Singapore because you're quite frustrated with how slow your progress even you've been working for years. Well, when I worked in Manila, Philippines, I got the same feelings back. Actually, I have a decent job as Technical Support Associate I  (tier 2) in an Australian company who outsource their support for Acer computers. We get our salary every other Friday which is only 10 working days. As a call center agent who has been working for nearly 3 years, my salary ranges from 23,000 to 27,000 pesos per month, which are already high compared to other jobs in the Philippines which are why many professionals switch their job in a BPO industry. 

Because of this dilemma, I decided last January 2018 to start applying abroad through local agencies that outsource workers. I also make sure that each agency is legitimate by checking their license on the POEA website. I start my job hunting abroad by creating a profile at recommended by my good friend on Facebook. Later on, I started receiving job offers that are mostly for Oman, Dubai, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. I also applied before as a Factory Worker in Taiwan and Sales Officer in Singapore, but unfortunately, I couldn't get through it. 

I was almost at the brink of despair that I couldn't have at least one shot working abroad. After trying a lot of times and looking for the right agency to give me the opportunity. I decided to continue my job as Technical Support in Convergys Philippines and that's when I met my colleagues who also want to work abroad. And as a travel blogger, I would love to travel internationally. This is the point where we decided to travel and visit Singapore to unwind. While we are here, we took some chances and applied online on job portals like jobstreet, monster, jobsDB, etc. since it would be easy for a foreign employer to invite us for an interview since we are already here.

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Last January 3, 2019, I resigned as Technical Support at Convergys Philippines and January 14, 2019, we visited Singapore.

Check this post to avoid getting offloaded at Immigration:

We booked our accommodation using AIRBNB to get cheaper deals for a hostel before getting a good 30-day transient room. You can also join FB groups dedicated to rentals in Singapore. 

Walk-in interviews are not very common here in Singapore, and submission of hard-copy resumes in random companies is not applicable as in Manila. Everything is usually online here, so it was a bit difficult for us since we never thought of a very different environment. Job applications in Singapore are sent online through job portals such as Monster, JobsDB, Jobstreet, Jobs Central and many more. You can check this blog for more detailed instructions: 10 + TIPS HOW TO GET A JOB IN SINGAPORE FOREIGNERS 

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The job application here is mostly online, just what I told you earlier. So what we've done for us to maximize our time is to submit job applications around 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the morning and stroll in the afternoon. So after 14 days, we visited almost all of Singapore's famous tourist destination, which I think is amazing!
The reason for sending resumes in the morning is that your application should not be completely covered by other job applications where most HR are ignored. With this time management, we've had a lot of time wandering around and enjoying the place like tourists.

On the 7th day of our stay in Singapore, I finally received an email stating that I was asked for a job interview as Customer Service Executive. I was ecstatic at the time because it was my first job interview here in Singapore. I also keep submitting resumes every day for more chances of getting hired while enjoying our tour in the afternoon.

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Just after our plane landed at NAIA Terminal 3 airport, and I was in the moment of acceptance that I needed to go back and find a job again in Manila. The employer who interviewed me, by surprise, responded to my inquiry and advised me to go back to the office for the second interview. 

Fortunately, they accepted my plea and proceeded with my application, even though I'm already in the Philippines. They asked for my documents and applied for IPA (In-Principal Approval) and was approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) after 3-4 weeks of waiting for my work permit. I booked my ticket back to Singapore after a few days to take my medical examination and work permit processing.

I waited another 3-4 day for my SPASS card to be released after medical clearance. So roughly, it took me 2 months to start my job here in Singapore. But it was worth the wait! So if you're planning to work here too, you need to save as much money as you can because the cost of living here is very expensive especially for renting accommodation. But after that, you can earn your expenses within 1 or 2 months of work. 


Before you decide whether you will try your luck in Singapore as well. I'll highly suggest you visit this website if you have a lot of questions: PINOY SINGAPORE -it's like an online forum where you can get so much information about living in Singapore.

I also suggest you go with a friend here, or if you already have relatives or friends here, it would be very helpful as life here is difficult and you need proper guidance. I also recommend that you use GOTHERESG or NESTIA APP for public transportation navigation so that you don't get lost.

Anyway, thank you for reading. If you have a question or want to say something, please leave a comment. I'm going to really appreciate it. Bless God and good luck!

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