10+ Tips How to Avoid Getting Offloaded in NAIA Immigration

In this blog, I'll share some of my personal tips on how to avoid getting offloaded in Philippine Immigration and having a smooth travel experience. I can feel how excited you are that you don't want any problems along the way. Maybe this will be your first trip abroad for your travel goals, or just trying your luck abroad to find a job as a tourist.

Either way, you're in the right place. Please remember that these are my personal observations and experiences. This is tested and proven, make sure you do it all if it's your first international trip, well you don't want to waste your money and spoil everything just because you get offloaded.

#1 Valid Passport 

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 7 months. If this is not your first trip abroad and you've just renewed your passport, it would be better to bring your old passport if they ever ask you because it has the old travel stamps.

#2 Have your roundtrip ticket printed.

This is very important as they will ask for your tickets during the immigration interview. It would be very helpful if you were to print it out. And for you not to be questioned, you should always have a return ticket. If you're planning to find a job abroad, make it a 4 - 7 day round ticket so it doesn't look suspicious.

#3 Visa, if applicable

It would be easier for you with a visit pass or VISA documents. If you are an OFW (Overseas Filipin Worker) registered, it is much faster and easier because if they see it, there will be no more question.

#4 Bring your valid Company ID

I have already resigned at my end, but I have not yet done my clearance for this purpose as I needed my company ID in case they ask for it. Some people I know have even created a fake company ID just to prove they have a job here in the Philippines and they need to go back.

#5 Print our your hotel accommodation

It's always good to have things handy and make sure you memorize your hotel/hostel address in case they ask you for it. Make them feel that you are aware and ready. They're going to ask you how long you're going to stay and your return date.

#6 Latest bank statement (show money)

For instance, some people are being interrogated in such a way that the immigration officer is too strict and judges you the way you look. One of my friend who works in Cebu Pacific told me that some immigration really knew if someone would just go for a visit or find a job outside the country, the decisive factor is that they need to know if they have the ability to live there and be able to support their expenses, that's why some people ask for show money.

#7 Act naturally and wear tourist outfit

If someone is nervous or lying, an immigration officer can decipher so make sure you can channel your acting skills if you're looking for a job abroad. Do not tremble, do not speak quickly and have an eye - contact. Do your fabulous traveling outfit! Look rich! Well, you don't want to get offloaded, so do your best to look like a legitimate tourist.

#8 Go with a friend or relative

If you have someone who has travel experience abroad, if it's your first time going international, let him go first in immigration. In this way, they'll ask less as they know you've got a companion and some questions are already being thrown at your buddy so they won't repeat it on you. You're going to have a smooth process.

#9 Never ever say you're "RESIGNED" at work

This will still be included in the strict commandments of going abroad, especially when you are looking for a job. Never say you're unemployed because you're going to get offloaded. That's the main reason you should have at least one company ID. They usually don't ask for it, they'll just ask you what your job is. 

#10 Print your travel itinerary

Sometimes immigration officers will ask you where you're going and they might ask you for the travel itinerary if they're doing intense "hot seat" scrutiny. You can plan ahead where you'll go and be prepared to do some research on the country you'll be visiting! Always remember what Confucious said, "Success depends on previous preparation, and there will surely be a failure without such preparation."

#11 Delete any form of email/ text messages

If your emails have conversation records showing you're applying abroad and you're going to try to act as a tourist, make sure you delete the blueprints of those interactions. They check your phones sometimes.

#12 Answer questions briefly and straight-forward

Stop beating around the bush and answer any question with confidence. Do not speak things that are not questioned - less talk less mistake.

#13 Be nice and smile if needed

If you don't want to get "mapagtripan" heated up, don't be too stiff and be nice to the immigration officer. Be positive because it attracts positive energy. Smile, be friendly.

Those are the helpful tips on how you will avoid getting offloaded in Philippine Immigration for you are planning to travel abroad soon. Hope this helps you, please give us a thumb over the comment section below, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask about the comment section.

Good luck with your future travels!


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