Make LOVE not WAR at Lambingan Hill Tanay, Rizal Philippines

Lambingan Hill is a campsite located at Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay, Rizal Philippines, and privately owned by the named Tatay Kardo. Its name was derived from the word Lambingan  which means “sweet, being affectionate or make tender.”

Recently, a post circulated on Facebook about the camping ground that gives its viral popularity to new travelers and mountaineers who loves camping. 

Lambingan Hill Campsite
Lambingan Hill Campsite
The Story Behind Lambingan Hill

For those of you who are curious about why it was named "LAMBINGAN HILL". The owner shares its story that the place was actually just a farm where he domesticates his Carabaos and Chickens for poultry raising. But one day, he saw a young couple sweetly swinging under the tree then he later noticed more and more couples visit the place for MOMOL (Make out, Make out lang). That gives him the idea to name it Lambingan and soon he opened it for locals for free and soon welcomed tourist to promote the place. 

Lambingan Hill Campsite
Lambingan Hill Camping Ground
Because of the overwhelmingly good response of the public, they decided to convert the farm into camping site and chill hiking destination. Today, the place is one of the famous campsites in Tanay, Rizal that offers livelihood for locals instead of there traditional jobs like cutting down trees/ kaingin as a source of income for them. 

Lambingan Hill Campsite Flowers
The Famous Flower Garden at Lambingan Hill
Lambingan Hill Campsite
Hill Top at Lambingan Hill
The place gave way to new opportunities for the local people especially in terms of tourism as trail guides, habal-habal drivers and vendors are just a few of the income generating jobs for them. This is proof that we don't need to compromise mother nature for profit.

Entrance at Lambingan Hill Top

Camping at Lambingan Hill
Lambingan Hammack and Swing
Disconnect from the busy city of Manila and free your mind from the stressful work. It's a great place for you to reflect, refocus and refuel your life - to be HAPPY ALWAYS.

Activities to do: 

#1 Camping
#2 Stargazing
#3 Pictorial / Photo-ops
#4 Hammock and Swing
#5 Picnic

How to get to the campsite:

#1 From Cubao ride a jeep/van going to Cogeo, Antipolo. 
Fare: Php. 25.00 for Jeep | Php. 35.00 for Van

#2 Then from Cogeo, Antipolo, ride a jeep bound to Cuyambay near City Mall in front of 7 Eleven.
Fare: Php. 48.00 

#3 From Cuyambay, ride a tricycle going to Lambingan Hill

Fees and Other Expenses:

Day tour - Php. 50.00  - ( 7 AM - 5 PM )
Overnight - Php. 150.00 - (4 PM - 9 AM ) 
Tent Rental - Php. 150 (2-3 pax)

Lambingan Hill Campsite View
Beautiful View at Lambingan Hill Top

Lambingan Hill Campsite Garden
Tips to Remember Before Going:

#1 If you can bring your own food supplies and utensils, it would be better since the campsite is quite busy because of the virality on social media and lots of campers to accommodate, though they also cook and sell, it's cheaper to buy your own if you are on a budget and if you do not want to wait for long queues. 

Lambingan Hill
#2 Based on our experience since the campsite is still under development. Long queues in  the comfort room is quite an inconvenient, so better visit the campground during weekdays.  

#3 If you have a service car, you can bring it since the transportation fare is quite expensive. And you'll save more if you are planning to visit other campsite or tourist destination in Tanay Rizal. 

#4 Bring blanket and jackets since its pretty cold at night. The campground is the best spot for stargazing!

#5 If you have your own tent, please do bring one since they only have limited tents for rent. Tent pitching is free so you don't need to worry in getting things up.

Tent Transaction: 0907-828-2225  (no confirmation no tent reservation first come first serve) 
Camp details: 0921-571-2014
FB Page: Lambingan Hill

Camping Rules:

-no littering
-no picking of flowers
-no loud music
-no vandalism
-no gambling
-no weeds and drugs
-no bonfire/campfire
-be respectful to other campers
-leave no trace principle

Overall, the place is relaxing and beautiful for couples, friends, and family who wants to have a good time to unwind and relax. 

Thank you for reading. Till our next travel! 

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  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I have never been to Lambingan Hill but your photos make look like a place I would love to visit. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing.