Effective Ways On How To Build Trust Within A Team

“When a gifted team dedicates itself to unselfish trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort, it is ready to climb.” ~Patanjali quote

One of the most important responsibilities of being a good leader is building trust. Great leaders know that it is important to build trust within the team.

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A team with no trust is not really a team; it is a group of individuals only working with one another with no goal at all. They may not share their ideas, nor cooperate with one another. It doesn’t even matter if they are all intelligent, that they are talented, that they are skillful. If they don’t have trust, they may never make the most of one’s potential.

Here are 5 simple ways on how you can build trust within your team:

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#1 Open-Up 

Open yourself to your team members. People in a team would like to be asked with questions that interest them or what is important to them. Asking them questions is a quick way to build trust within your team. This helps you and your team members have a connection with each other.
The advantage of these questions may include, letting your members know that you are paying attention to them. Asking them about their family, partner and even their pets can be a start on building a close and harmonious relationship with your people. Opening yourself to them shows honesty and humility. 

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#2 Listening

To build trust, you have to listen to your teammates. By this, you won’t be able to jump into conclusions already. You have to listen to them and not just hear them. According to, listening, when done effectively:
  • stops arguments and defuse strong emotions,
  • helps the other person feel heard,
  • helps the other person to listen to you,
  • helps you persuade the other person,
  • improves relationships. 
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#3 Be Concern

Observe your teammates and check them from time to time. Don’t just ask them about the project you’re into, rather show them that you are concerned with them. If you can notice someone in the team who feels like he’s OP (out-of-place), ask him about his situation. Ask him if he’s okay and listen to him. Just a simple question can mean a lot if properly given attention.

You have to know that people want to feel that there are others who care for them within the organization. If you’re a leader, you have to be compassionate and understanding. By this, you will see that you’re teammates will be more productive and efficient in every undertaking your team will go through.

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#4 Find Similar Values 

In a team, you have to talk about values. Just share yours, listen to your teammates, and walk your talk. When you discover that they are also in the same shoes as yours, then use it as a motivation for you guys to deal with each other. TV shows, movies, books, sports activities, favorite places, or music can be the common ground among all of you or between two persons within your team. Anything that you may find similar to each other can be used as a channel for you to understand one another.

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#5 Accept confrontation

Asking someone’s opinion about something can help build trust within your team. It is better if you hear the voice of the person, their opinion, even if you don’t take their advice. After hearing each one’s opinion, then make the final decision about something that you do. Asking their opinions might lead to some kind of a little confrontation if you’re not in the same minds. Deal with it. When there’s a difference of opinions, then discuss it. Find solutions which have the intent of solving the conflict. If you can’t see any disagreement, then your team may not be so open to one another that they’re still afraid of telling their sides. 

By: Ken Guardian

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