Dermcare Luxxe: Diamond Power Peel Treatment Review

Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post but purely personal review and experience with dermcare luxxe service. 

Dermcare Luxxe is one of the Philippines’ leading skin, hair, and wellness centers. It's a great place to pamper and rejuvenate yourself out of stress. Personally, they are one of my favorite clinics for facial services. Facilities are classy and world-class, in terms of service they really offer good quality service. 

Their facility is also beautiful and I love the inside smell as they use essential oil that is really soothing and relaxing which adds up to the experience.

BRANCH ADDRESS: 2/F Alphaland Makati Place, Ayala Ext. Makati City.



Let me tell you about our experience through storytelling...


These are the words she uttered after my diamond power peel treatment. It was a hell of an experience and a true meaning of masochism. It was traumatic and excruciating as she pricked my pimples out of my face. Every whiteheads and blackhead are exterminated by her eager hands. (Gigil na gigil kung baga). I almost cried and deep inside I was shouting in pain but at the same time, I wanted her to keep going cause it's fulfilling and I want to get rid of my pimples and blemishes.

It's still fresh in my memory as she pricked my pimples, a dew of tears showed up on my right eye and she wiped it. She continued pricking every bit of blemish and then she stopped. A cold breeze of relief pampered my face and at last, it was over. I couldn't stop the pain anymore!

After the treatment, I look at the mirror and saw my face like I was in a war hopeless trying to wait until it stops. My face was filled with small blisters where she pricked my pimples and stubborn white/blackheads.

It was a great deal since it's only worth Php. 299.00 since I got it 50% off using a metrodeal application. And the service was great though the process was really painful. Truly a "Tiis Ganda" moment. I was advised to go back in 2 weeks which I will probably do. 

I will be giving them 9/10 for the quality they are providing. I will surely go back to them and invite my friends too. I love their services and facilities - highly recommended!

Hope this review helps you guys if you like to try Dermcare Luxxe Service. Thanks for reading!

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