What People DO NOT Understand About Working In A Call Center

Being a call center agent is becoming a widely chosen profession of many these days. Even graduates of nursing, engineering, architects, etc. have chosen the call center industry to be their source of employment for it gives them a higher salary and compensation than their line of education will do give them. 

If you're a nurse, for example, and you’ll practice your profession as a nurse, you’ll just have a compensation which is just the basic, of course, you’ll prefer to be a call center agent for practical reasons. But many of us today think that it is easy to be a call center agent. They don’t know what the agents have undergone and still going through having chosen their present jobs as call center agents.

What's pissing off in this scenario is that people don't even know the real situation, but they are already making false conclusions about being a call center agent. 

In this blog, I’m going to discuss and show some things that people don’t understand and don’t know about them. Here are those:

It's Not That Easy Getting Hired.

If you're one of those aspirants to become a call center agent, you still undergo a series of interviews and examinations before you will be hired. People just don't know how freaking hard it is to undergo interviews and even to the point of being trained already. It's just no good getting insults from those callers who just don't know you in person, meeting quotas for some and even the fear of losing their job in just a click of a single fault. You've got to instill in your minds that it is not just as simple as sitting on a chair, saying hi and hello and magic, you're paid.

There Is Always Competition.

From the tumblers to the locker padlocks. Yes, it is true. Most call center agents are becoming ostentatious when it comes to their tumblers or mugs on the floor. Funny it may seem, but you can’t get enough of those agents having their fancy, extravagant tumblers and mugs which come in different sizes, designs and anything you may ever think about it.

Award Winning Outfit Competition.

Because it is usual that there’s no uniform in call centers, you can choose the best outfit ever that you can find in your closet to wear for the day. That’s why it is every day #OOTD. Of course, the winner is always the one who hasn’t worn his/her jacket (yeah, he/she can stand the air-conditioned production room).

The Cellphone Is Important.

But you just can’t have it while on the floor. Believe it or not, yes it is. Some can’t answer important/emergency phone calls from his/her loved ones because it is just not allowed. For security and confidentiality reasons that there is between the client and the company, that is why they’re not allowing agents to have them with them. It can even be the reason of a sanction and worse, their termination from work. Oh, what if your wife is ready for her labor and no one can ever contact you to be there with her? Shocks, so pitiful of them, you know.

Every Single Move Is Monitored In The Logs.

From the snack break to the pee break. Obviously, it is. It’s as if you can’t have your time freedom. If you do have you over break, you’ll be questioned for it, especially if you do it habitually. That’s why don’t over drink. You’ll surely go back to the comfort room from time to time. But if you can’t help it, be ready with your diaper with you. LOL.

They Become Beauty Conscious Individuals. 

Hey ladies, are you one of these? Putting your make-up then and now, curling and brushing your hair here and there. What’s amazing with them is that they’re doing these during calls. People don’t understand them because they say agents are just in front of the computer and why do they have to face their mirrors and make cutie patootie gestures on their faces on? Well, they have to do it just to be conscious of their expressions seem to like having someone in front talking with them. They got to be in character. Am I right

They Are Becoming Coffee Addicts. 

Caffeine is running already in their bloodstream. Just kidding. But you know guys, most of the call center agents are becoming dependent on coffee just to keep them awake and alive on the floor. Especially those who still got to sleep in the daytime and awake at nighttime. At day, they got to sleep, but they just can’t because of their neighbors around yelling and shouting everywhere. Who would make it through all day being stressed with these inevitable circumstances? That’s why coffee is what they needed to have in their system.

Well, these are just some of those things that people do not understand about call center agents. If they can't still believe this, well they got to be one with them. As people say, to see is to believe. 

Written by: Ken Guardian

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