10 Signs that a Girl Has a Crush on You

Adolescence means to “grow up” it’s the stage were teenager’s starts to get attracted to opposite sexes. It generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. They become more inquisitive or curious about other people. They become emotionally invested in their friends
10 signs that a girl has a crush on you
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I have asked some of my girl classmates/colleagues about this topic and it this is based on what they have observed and experienced. Try to read some of this and you might learn something new.

1. Staring at you often – Probably this is one of the earliest sign that a girl had a crush on you. She started to get attracted to you. She often makes some sneak glances when you are not looking to her. She already thinks that you are interested to know better. At this moment she already feels that there is something special about you.

2. Keep on asking/talking about you to other people – A sign that she is absolutely interested in you. She is already at the stage where she wanted to know more personal information about you. Asking where do you live? What course do you take? And most of all, she often asks about your love life. 

3. Avoiding eye contact - Some are shy while others do stare eye to eye. But for some girls they prefer not to look at the boys’ eyes because they are embarrassed and they can’t handle much the feeling, that’s why whenever they have already the feelings, the boy can easily notice it the girl is acting weird already.

4. Blushing – when a girl feels something unexplainable, just like her heart beats fast whenever the boy is in her sight, she is sweating and she feels that there are butterflies in her stomach. Girl’s blushes and you can see that their smiles are pretty different (feels like heaven).  

5. Shy when you’re around – Some girls are really weird they often get shy when the boy is around that makes them noticeable based on their actions and movement. Sometimes they sneak and avoid the guy without any reason. 

6. When she asks for your number – Some girls are really quick and wild, they are frank with what they feel. They want to get your attention always and will do everything just to stay connected to you. She will ask for your number, email and any contacts you have. 

7. Stalking – with this behavior, she is totally obsessed with you. She madly likes you that she wanted to see you every day. Her day is incomplete without any glimpse of you. In this behavior, her heart beats faster whenever you’re there. She feels like she’s in heaven if she sees you. 

8. Inviting often for hangouts – if a girl invites you for a hangout it is pretty normal, but when she wanted to be with you always on hangouts and she will not join if you will not join too then it is already a different story. A girl is sometimes possessive; they will do everything just to get what they want.

9. She helps you out always – We cannot deny the fact that some girls are gentle and sweet. They will always turn to your favor. She helps you out if you need help and she will always be there when you are not feeling good. She is very concern with you!

10. When she flirts with you – Some girls are frank and straightforward, especially in terms of what they feel. A girl is often in a conservative visage, but when she starts to fling and flirt with you then she’s probably attracted and interested in you.

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