Team Building at Masasa Beach, Batangas Philippines

The province of Batangas often referred to us as "Kumintang" is a province in the Philippines that is situated in CALABARZON Region in Luzon. It is bordered by Cavite and Laguna provinces to the north and Quezon to the east. To the other side of Verde Island Passages to the south is the Mindoro island and the South China Sea which lies in the western part. 

Sea Shells in Batangas
Seashells collected by my teammate
Batangas is one of the famous tourist destinations near Metro Manila. It is popularly known as the home of Taal Volcano and Taal Heritage Town which is a small town that has ancestral houses and frameworks dating back to 19th century. It's also the 2nd largest international seaport in the Philippines after Metro Manila. 

Team Building at Masasa Beach
Team Gee Team Building
One of the well-known tourist destinations here is the Masasa beach where you can go camping, bonfire, and swimming. It has very fine white sand and has shallow water. It's very accessible to people working in Metro Manila that's why we decided it here.

Team Building
Tingloy Port
How to get to Masasa Beach:

#1 Go to Cubao/Pasay/Buendia bus terminal and ride the bus going to Batangas City Grand Terminal. 

#2 At Batangas City grand terminal, take the jeepney going to Anilao. Get off at Anilao Port (Talaga Port) and take the public boat to Tingloy Port going to Masasa Beach.

Boat Going to Masasa Beach 

A wide ricefield going to Masasa Beach
Team Building @ Masasa beach
Masasa Beach in Batangas
Team building in Masasa Beach
Team Gee at Masasa Beach

Working in a call center environment is quite stressful. You need to have strong communication skills to converse well and be understood by the customers. It requires patience, knowledge, and proper skill to be able to provide customer satisfaction. In this type of job, you need to be firm and it's always a relief when you have supportive teammates and a skillful supervisor to guide throughout the way.

I worked as a Customer Service Representative at Sykes Asia Inc. It was queueing every day and too many irate customers. It was my first job and to be honest during the first 6 months was hellish but you'll get used to it and learn their cultural difference. You get to have your share of the daily dose of verbal abuse from pissed end-users but also commendations from satisfied customers. 

But because of our strong teamwork and happy collaboration. Our team was always one of the top teams in the cluster and earn perks and budget for our team building which we purchase food supplies and used for other expenses.

Masasa Beach Food Preparation

Preparing food for the team

Watched our video tour here: Masasa Beach Escapade

We always love to go out of town and explore beautiful tourist spots. And this is our story of our Batangas Island Hopping which I'll treasure for the rest of our lives.

Hope you've enjoyed reading. Till our next travel!

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