20+ Things You'll Surely Miss after Graduation

Commencement Exercises is not an end, but a starting point to begin a new chapter of your life; to fulfill your goals, dreams, and aspirations that you foresee every day and every night of your existence. 

20+ Things You Will Surely Miss After Graduation
Source: Rico De Mesa Manalo
Graduation is truly not a brink of everything but the start of a new chapter to be unfolded. Some will find themselves, others will have their own family, some will continue pursuing their dreams, others will stop work and some will renew their inner self. Whatever way you embark, always remember to follow what your heart yearns for it will lead you to real happiness and the meaning of what your life really means. 

Graduation is also the time of harvesting what you have sown in your 4-5 years of endeavor. It is the time of reaping the fruit of your hard works and determination to finish the course you have chosen. But one thing for sure, you’ll be going to miss some of the things that you are already used to seeing and mingled with every day. These are the things that complete your endeavor for without it (them) your journey and stay at school will be incomplete. 
1. Weekly Allowance – Who among you doesn’t want to have a weekly allowance? For sure this would be the first thing that you’ll be going to miss.
2. Wearing School Uniform – Some might not miss this, but for those students who use their uniform as fashion for sure they will miss wearing their fit uniforms. Nerdy and geek students would probably miss wearing their uniform since it adds cleverness to them.

3. Good & Terrible Teachers – Our school life will never be complete without the pillars of society. Some will be going to miss their favorite teachers and some will oddly miss their terror teachers?
4. Close Friends – For sure everybody will be going to miss their closest friends who used to be there always at times when they are needed. Their best friends who're always there when you need a shoulder to lean on.

5. Crushes/Secret love – Since it is the age where puppy love and infatuations occur, for sure not seeing their crushes just like before will absolutely heighten their desire and they’ll be messing up of not seeing him/her anymore after graduation (Happens to OA and pathetic admirers).

6. Taking Quizzes and Exams – Most of the students hate quizzes and exams, but for those students who study well, they’ll going to miss this especially topping on examinations.

7. Flag Ceremony – I really miss this routine, some hate it for being too cautious of their skin tone, but who cares to those pathetic and trying hard students who wanted to be as white as snow white. This is a healthy routine for students.

8. Crazy Jokes &Conversations – We cannot deny the fact that we will be missing our classroom crazy jokes and conversations with our seatmates especially if we are already in the corporate and serious world of employment. 
9. Grades – To have high grades is one of the reasons why ingenious students study very hard.

10. School Competitions In school, we are not just harnessed mentally, but at the same time, we are trained through extra-curricular activities to equip us before embarking into the outside world.

11. Parties and hangouts – Who doesn’t like parties,? , Who hates hangouts? I guess nobody in it is one of the best reasons why schooling is fun.

12. Endless Dramas/Classroom Moments – We cannot avoid dramas and misunderstanding in school, but for sure those pathetic dramas will surely be missed.

13. Your favorite chair – To be honest, I already miss my favorite chair. I love sitting at the center of the class a little bit far from the teacher so that I could see clearly what is written in the chalk/whiteboard. So you, what’s your favorite chair position?
14. Writing on Notebooks – If there will be an award of taking notes, I would probably be one of them. I love taking notes!

15. Your Jansport bag –It is hilarious to see that most of your classmate’s bag brand is Jansport!

16. Preparing Homework’s – Answering assignments? I don’t know if this is one of the things that you’ll be going to miss after graduation, but for sure you’ll be missing it once in a while.

17. Unlimited Projects – Arrrghs! Unlimited projects, who the hell love making projects, but we cannot deny the fact that we learn more by making projects.

18. Tours and Field Trips - who doesn't like travels? It seems everyone will miss this.

19. Groupie and Selfie with Friends – You would probably miss your group picture and your annoying selfie post in your classroom while the teacher is teaching! 

20. Classroom Debates – Here come the war freak students who want attention always.

21. Recitations and Practical Exams – Some students prefer really good at written exams, but some students to recite and have a practical examination. They are the students who have a good verbal ability.

22. Favorite Pen/Pencil/Marker – For those girls who have furs on their pen for them to look classy? To those students who have completed colors or pen? I guess they’ll miss this.

23. Food trip with Friends – The moment when you open your lunch box/ snack is the moment your friends will collide to sit beside you. You know what I mean! (The PG Friends)

24. Cheating – I put it last so that it would not be obvious. For sure this scheme will be missed by every student out there. The teamwork, the flying paper, the Bluetooth war and the picture style of cheating. It’s high-tech you know!

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