Top Reasons Why Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Viral

In the social media these days, the Ice Bucket Challenge or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been enormously becoming viral. It is an activity which involves the pouring of a bucket of ice water on someone's head to promote awareness for people and gather donations for people who are suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). I am not here to discuss the history of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, rather I want to share my ideas how it really became a trend. For that, it's a good way to know why it became contagious for the past months.

Reasons for the Virality of Ice Bucket Challenge
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1. It Benefits A Good Cause

Because of the donations that will begather for the ALSA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association), the Ice Bucket Challenge will really gain attention from people. The donations that are accumulated by the organization will be used for research and support for the families of the people suffering from ALS. Any charitable action, not just this ALS Challenge becomes appealing to the public's generosity that's why it becomes that viral.

Reasons for the Virality of Ice Bucket Challenge
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2. The 24-Hour Rule 

Within 24hours once challenged, participants have to decide whether to accept the challenge or not. Once accepted, they got to record a video of them that they have accepted the challenge. After that, they will be the ones to challenge another and it goes like a chain.

Reasons for the Virality of Ice Bucket Challenge
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3. It's Painfully Fun 

The videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge are really fun to watch about. Who wouldn't want to see his friend scream like crazy after being poured into a cold water? Or watch someone accidentally splashing the water on his own than doing it to the one who's supposedly being challenged? These funny stuff, whether it has been accidentally done or as scripted as they want it to be, one thing's for sure it's a contagious thing to be laughed about.

Reasons for the Virality of Ice Bucket Challenge
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4. The Public Nomination

The nomination of a friend or a celebrity makes it a quick way for people to respond in this activity. Nominating people who you want to participate in the challenge and accepting it, then doing the activity in public through social media sites, make it really easy for people to do the same. This makes it have a chain effect as mentioned earlier. Who wouldn't accept the challenge if the public has nominated you? That makes most of the people who respond to this challenge became contagious.

Reasons for the Virality of Ice Bucket Challenge
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5. Packed-Up With The Celebs

Well, many fans are waiting for their idols do the challenge. And when they see them do it, they'll do it themselves. Because it's a trend that most fans are doing what the celebrities are doing, then they'll let themselves be a part of it too. That's why many are doing the challenge- its simplicity makes it more appealing to them.

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