Why Do We Need to Save Mother Earth?

Today, we are all endangering ourselves. Changes widely occur and extinction comes nearer and the doom awaits the earth faces. Genuinely happening and constantly emerging the marks of Armageddon or the judgment day. Destruction of wildlife caused by deforestation ruins the nature that man has made. Behold, because experimenting the world’s innocence may bring dreadful sufferings.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Life had been too complex and cruel, different events, alterations, and disruptions. Causes of massive destruction such as floods, drought, global warming, pollution and even death and the effect of this are mass extinction, starvation, famine, ailments, and poverty. But it is not too late to change and to cope up, to undertake and rehabilitate our ruin environment. On a small scale we can preserve, conserve, protect and most of all to cease deforestation. 

As a human, we have tasked with love and ardor the gift of God and that is the golden life of earth perpetuation. Plant more trees/reforestation, stop denuding forest, kaingin and the pinnacle is that respects other living things that God had made. We have to be alert and vigilant about the happening here in this eternal world. We as youth are the hope of our fatherland.

For now that we have all experienced the dread and misery from the depth of destruction. A man should persist and fight for their greed and sheers but there are times when we are driven, but we have our own way to redeem our souls and lives from the wrath of nature. Hence, the world is not a backyard experiment that humankind can walk away from, we are experimenting with the whole planet and this is where we live!

Note: This is written when I was in High School and this is almost 5 years already. I hope you'll get some lessons after reading this.

Environmental Awareness

What can you contribute to save our ailing planet?
Be a good steward of it
Be an advocate of environmental awareness
Be an activist for change
Will act and support reforestation

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