The Haunting of Molly Hartley Review

The story is about a girl named Molly Hartley, who has been sold to Satan in order for her to live when she was miscarriage by her mother at her birth, but as a deal, in her 18th birthday, she will then belong to them—to Satan. 

Molly’s mother had attempted to kill her before her 18th birthday by stabbing her in her chest, but she had failed and thought that her mother has a psychotic disorder or schizophrenia accompanied by bipolar disorder. She never thought that the people around her was already conspired and knew her fate until her 18th birthday.
The Haunting of Molly Hartley
The Haunting of Molly Hartley via

My Review

The story of the movie and how it ended was unexpected. I thought that she will be saved and her fate will be changed, but it goes the other way around. She embraced her profane destiny with Satan and seems to be that she had become a member of the elite Illuminati just like Joseph Young which becomes his boyfriend.

It was kinda creepy and somewhat sacrilegious in a way that Satan had won over the power and mightiness of God. It was profane because she graduated as a valedictorian and in her speech, she tells everybody that: “We must accept our fate whatever it is”. I don’t know, but it looks like the movie wanted to convey something implicitly, something that it promotes evil.

It was horrifying, but I did not enjoy the movie, especially when it comes to the ending since I am a Christian believer, it seems like it is an advocacy towards Satanism. It portrays a part of our society, a conspired organization or maybe a cult.

However, it was still creepy and for horror films, it was a good because it had scared me. So if you are curious enough about what the movie all about and if you feel that you are in need for more answers about what’s really the movie about. You better watch it!

My Rating

This horror movie is creepy and at the same time filled with intense scenes. I guess I would give this movie 4 stars. But I do really feel that there is more to this movie, something that is conspiring, that is has a profane purpose. I am not sure, it is just my reaction

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