Shutter Island 2010 Review

The movie was all about a former U.S Navy named “Edward” played by “Leonardo De Carpio” who have become lunatic and psychopath because of the tragedy that happened in his family. Edward formed another “self” by becoming delusional, which is a heroic character to escape from his insanity of murdering his wife. Psychiatrist and his doctor made an experiment to know if he still has the chance to recover from being mentally ill.

Shutter island 2010 Movie Review

My Reaction/Review

I have this movie for almost a year but never attempted to watch it because I thought it was absurd. To be honest, I tried to scan it and I thought it was plain boring, but I was too wrong with my prejudice.

Blimey, the psycho-movie was tricky and puzzling that you will really wonder and scratch your head if what’s real and fake. I felt perplexed in a way that what you see is sometimes an illusion that he had created for being delusional. I don’t know how to express my amusement, but I was very impressed by the story and how the transition of the story goes.

Since I am a big fan of “Leonardo De Carpio” in his movie Titanic with “Kate Winslet” as Rose, I do believe that he deserves to be given an award for that movie. It was one of the psycho-movies that which really turn my head-on to think since I love movies which are related to psychiatry and science.

I actually thought that he was in a good mental state that all he was doing was true, though I was wondering because he used to have lucid dreams and hallucination of his wife talking to him and his daughter. I was shocked by the truth and what was really the reality behind his insanity.

My Rate

I will give this movie a perfect five stars. The movie was really a masterpiece for me if you are a movie-maker and art to be proud if you are an actor. I recommend that you watch this movie if you love psychopath movies. I really enjoyed and worth to watch!
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