Earn Money Online By Doing Your Passion! (Writing)

All of us want to be financially stable and the best way to achieve that goal is to have a stable income stream(s) that will suffice your everyday needs.  You need to have a decent job to have a sustainable income or any type of gig that has a decent payout. 

Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Online
Blogging is one of the hottest jobs on the internet. All you need to do is to write what is on your mind and try to construct your ideas to build a paragraph. Writing online awaits plenty of opportunities since lots of advertisers are reaching out to get reviewed. Blogging is also one of the easiest ways to earn online, but it really takes time and it is really slow at first, but if you have already built a strong foundation you will just realize that you have already made a passive online stream without exerting too much effort

I have been blogging for almost a year and before I have created my own blog, I harnessed and learned all the basic things and gained knowledge about it. I have also tried PTC sites but it was too lofty to earn a decent amount there so I decided to concentrate on blogging.

Below are some of the ways to earn online to writing.

1. Writing for revenue sharing sites – Just like, they offer the platform and monetize your content and in return, you earn a percentage of your royalties or earnings. There are plenty of revenue sharing sites like HubPages. This site monetizes your content and gives you a specific percentage of what you earn in your contents.

2. Sponsored post - There are plenty of companies, restaurants, agencies, and brands that wanted to be reviewed. They are the one who will contact you personally and you will be the one who will give a price or the amount for your work. This type of writing job gives upfront payments which means you will get paid after you had made an agreement or contract to an advertiser.
3. Ghostwriting – This might be new to you, but this is one of the ways to earn online. Some people don’t have the skill to construct what they think so they need other people to write and expressed what you wanted to say in terms of writing. In this job, you write for somebody, but the authorship will not be given to you.

4. Writing contest – If you have a talent in writing you could also join in some writing contest. There are lots of it on the web like writing short stories, creative writings, etc. You still get the authorship, but other people will advertise your content to the market.

5. Writing eBooks – This is a pretty tough job for it takes time, but the fruit is really worthwhile. You may earn thousands of dollars if your eBook gets viral. Since it is already in a technological era, eBooks are recommended and often used so this is an in-demand job.

Above are some of the few opportunities to earn online through your writing skills. You do not need to be so smart to write all you need to do is to have the passion and perseverance. And the most important thing is consistency.

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