Tricycle Driver With Crawling Lice on His Shirt Goes Viral After A Netizen Posted it on Facebook.

A series of photos have been posted by one netizen named Primo Onipa on facebook showing a tricycle driver with lice on his shirt. Rumors have said the tricy driver hasn't changed his t-shirt for almost a year now and has bad breath as well. 

He didn't post it to publicly shame the tricycle driver but to impart a message that we should always be hygienic no matter what our job is or status in life. Here's the exact post:

This Facebook post have reach 32,000+ shares, 22,000+ likes and 43,000+ comments and counting. Several reactions have surfaced saying it's not right to public shame the tricy driver but plenty of them are in disgust for seeing the photo's above. 

For you what's your verdict on this post? Is it too much and should not be posted on social media or good enough for people to be conscious enough to have proper hygiene.

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