Hubpages Payment Proofs

Did you ever hear about Hubpages on other site, forums, reviews or seen on ads and you are wondering if you can really earn from them? If you want to learn more about how the site works and what the site all about, you can read my previous review about Hubpages for you to be enlightened. But if you are here because you are searching for proofs if the site really pays, then you are in the right place.

First of all, let talk about how to earn on Hubpages:
  • You need to have approved Adsense account for you to monetize your hubs 
  • You need to have good contents to drive passive traffic
  • You need to be patient for it takes time earning on Hubpages
Those three-pointers are the major concerns that you do need before signing up for Hubpages. Please remember that the site is not just a blogging site, it is an online writing site where you can find and meet professional writers who truly have a passion for writing. Don’t be timid, I was like that before, but now; I am reaping my reward from my one year of patience on Hubpages.

I will not be talking too much; I will be sharing with you my daily earnings until I had accumulated the threshold which is $50. Hope this would help you sort your doubts about Hubpages.

Hubpages payment proof

Hubpages payment proof

Hubpages Payment Proof

Hubpages payment proof

Hubpages payment proof

Hubpages payment proof

Hubpages payment proof

After seven (7) months of accumulating my earnings on Hubpages program, I have successfully got my first payment last May 29, 2014. It was very fulfilling because I have been writing and doing my full passion on Hubpages for almost a year and I am starting to get compensated. Here is the payment that I have received from them:

So this just proves that Hubpages is a legit writing site and will yield high-income potential when you put effort and time on it. I love Hubpages, and this site helps me drive more traffic to my personal blogs. 

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