An Instagram Post Gone Viral After A Girl Uses So Many Highfalutin Words | Nosebleed?

A Facebook Page (Singaporean Influencers and Bloggers Write SHIT English and are Annoying AF ) have shared an anonymous Instagram post of a girl who used so many fancy words that it's really hard to decipher at all have gone viral. In their post, the admin is requesting to keep English comments since it becomes so viral again here in the Philippines that lots of its comments are Tagalog.

2018: State of grace. Buffeted by turbulence and bouts of self-reproach, I used to lament the encounter of agony and need to wrestle with overwhelming feelings. I realised that if you give the broken mind the modicum of attention as of you would for a sprained ankle, you would be equipped with a repertoire of good moves to latch on when crises occur. I stopped trying to assuage my blizzard of worries by relying for my self-esteem and sense of comfort from people who I cannot control, and I started relying on my own compassion. The proclivity to annually craft resolution, however cliche, gives us an opportunity and hope to be closer to our ideal selves. Here's to embracing the natural arena of exploration by our panicked thoughts with a little bit of grace.

The page also shares its advice:

A reminder that there’s no point using so many fancy words when you have shit grammar. 
A number of folk have picked up on the word 'buffeted'. That's actually correct - 'buffet' is not only a noun (ah, you gluttons...), but also exists as a verb, meaning 'to hit', and is pronounced 'BUFF-uht' (rhyming with 'muppet'). Incidentally 'fillet' should, in BrE, be pronounced 'FILL-uht'.  
The rest is dreadful and purple. 

For you, is it too much or it's just fine? Well, if you are not rich in vocabulary you will be needing to get a dictionary while reading this just to understand the thought she's trying to convey. Anyways, she can do what she wants. It's freedom of expression. 

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