What is Tumblr and How to Design Your Tumblr Account?

Tumblr is a social media site and at the same time a platform which allows you to create your personalized blog for free. Tumblr is often used for photo-blogging and travel blogs which is the most used styles of users on the site. It is a good website where you can place your photos and build networks, which they call “followers”. You can also choose and customize your own blog with their different blog templates and much more, you can also monetize your Tumblr account using ad networks.

But if you are very new about blogging and you wanted to start blogging on Tumblr then I will guide you with the basic tutorials, how to create your personal blog on Tumblr, I will also show you how you create and personalize your Tumblr account.

1. First is you sign up and create your account on Tumblr

2. After signing in, you can now see this (after you edit your profile)

As you have observed, you can post text, photos, quotes, links, audio, video and also chat with your followers and friends on Tumblr. But make sure you post high definition photos for you to attract more Tumblr followers and Tumblr follows back.

3. After creating your account do this to create your Tumblr blog:

4. When you click the "create a new blog" you will see this (write the name of the blog that you want and the URL that you want)

How to Design my Tumblr Account

5. If you want to edit and customize your template or theme, proceed here:

How to Design my Tumblr Account

Then, you're done creating your own Tumblr account, you can add more blogs as much as you want and you can personalize it with hundreds of themes on Tumblr. Make sure you post interesting and beautiful photos to attract more followers.

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