This Kid's Emotional Plea To His Tormentors Has Gone Viral

"This bullied boy's message to his tormentors has gone viral for all the right reasons" -UNILAD

This is Keaton Jones and his video that was posted by her mother after she came back to pick him up from school because he was too afraid to take lunch on his own. He said the bullies pour milk on him and put ham down on his clothes and threw bread at him. 

He asked her mum to take a video for him to share his message to all bullies out their and to its victim that it's never easy for innocent people to get bullied. That there's no need to be mean especially they are not doing anything wrong against tormentors.

Bullying is a very malignant issue today and it should be taken seriously. I'm glad he got serious support from Hollywood stars and people around the globe. The video got an overwhelming response:


  1. What a brave little boy to be willing to share his emotional plea. I'm sure bullying has been around since the beginning of time, but it's worse now. It follows you home on social media, so you can never escape. It makes it so important to stand up against bullying.

    1. That is true, bullying is there already since then but it becomes so much worst today because of social media sites. This boy has the strong heart <3

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