How to Make Money on Hubpages + Payment Proofs

Earn Money Online Writing for Hubpages
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Hubpages is another writing site for you to earn money online through blogging. It is one of the most effective writing directories for you to make backlinks to your personal blogs for it has millions of readers every day online. The site is also on the top 1000 websites around the world which makes you more confident that the site will really yield a passive income to you.

If this is the first time you have heard Hubpages then it was nice to know that I was the one who first introduces the site. I have been a writer (Hubber) for them for almost a year and I could tell that I have the adequate experience to tell you how Hubpages really works when you give time and effort on it.

The first thing why you are reading this is that you wanted to know how to earn money on Hubpages and I will not be crook since I want to be straightforward for you to be guided properly. The site is more on high-quality articles and if you want to earn from Hubpages program you need to put time and dedication, writing hubs to drive passive traffic which will eventually yield income for you.

How to Start Writing on Hubpages

After signing up, you can start writing hubs for them. You will be waiting for some hours before your hubs get reviewed by editors whether it will be featured or not. The nice thing about Hubpages is that you can write and get it published on time, not like other sites which you will wait days or weeks to know whether your articles got approved or declined.

When you write hubs (articles on Hubpages) you need to be very careful since they have automatic checker whether the hub has already duplicate or plagiarized content on the internet. To narrow it down:
  • Hubpages only accept original and fresh content
  • Your hubs must contain 500+ words to be featured. Except for creative writings which have different guidelines.
  • You need to put citations on photos you have inserted and references for your content. It will add reliability to you as a writer.
  • If I were you, you must concentrate on knowledge-based content since creative writings will not make you rich and earn more money from them.

How to Start Earning on Hubpages

If you have already an Adsense account you can just need to configure it on their site. You can easily link your Google Adsense to your Hubpages account for you to activate Hubpages Ad program and you can start earning from them. However, if you don’t have Google Adsense account, you can apply using your Hubpages account, but make sure you have the following:

  • You must have already 15-25 high-quality hubs
  • If you are outside U.S, you need to wait for 6 months before you apply to them. It was stated in Google Adsense Policy.
  • Make sure your hubs have the proper usage of grammar, punctuation marks and sentence structure.
  • Your hubs must comply with Google Adsense requirement. You must not write about gambling, sexually related articles, defaming articles etc.

Google Adsense is not just the only way for you to earn from them. They have their own Hubpages program which will only work when you have already Adsense account. Another thing is that they have external affiliate programs:

  • eBay
  • Amazon

You can earn from those affiliate programs whenever your hubs make sales. But based on my observation and experience, you need to have hubs which are barely related to the product to make some sale. They do not pay per impression and click but rather from sales.

My Earning Proof

To make this review more realistic and reliable I will be showing my daily earnings on them though it was not still high enough. I needed more impression and traffic to make the rate higher and earn more from Hubpages program. Below is a screenshot of my daily earning on Hubpages:
Earn Money Online Writing for Hubpages
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This is my recent payment from Hubpages:

I have been receiving payment from them even I am not posting anything there since I got evergreen articles that generate traffic every day. That's the good thing about it, I have passive income on Hubpages but it's not too big yet. Their system will automatically pay you for every 28th day of the month. So I hope you have learned the basic and important things about the site. Please leave comments below. It would mean a lot to me people. Cheers!


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