Bitcoin Scam in Philippines - Video Explanation

Cryptocurrencies have been all over the news and become a global phenomenon for most people online. Some of you might be thinking of what it is all about. For those who do not know about it. They say it's the future money of the world since its decentralized.  Read more about it here: 
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For me, I'm still hesitant in joining the craze and having my own Bitcoin since it's very risky. But because of my curiosity, I finally attempted to buy/sell bitcoin first week of December 2017. It was fun at first seeing your money grow so fast but when it goes on a downward trend, I promise its scary. So know your how much risk you can take before involving yourself to cryptocurrencies since its just like Stocks. 

So here's the video explanation of a guy claiming "Bitcoin Scam in the Philippines". Watch for your own risk. 

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