SP Silicon Power USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review

Disclaimer: I did not receive any items or compensation from this tech company. This blog post is based on my opinion and experience while using the product.

As a Computer Engineering student, we really need USB for us to store and keep our files safe and intact. I have bought several brands of Flash Drives and most of them are very fast and easy to use for it loads and opens quickly.

It is our necessity because most of our laboratories are soft copies and needs to be printed out, and for us to do this, we need external storage that is very handy and at the same time safe to keep our files in a good state. I have experienced some Flash Drives who got easily "write-protected" or sometimes loads very slow which takes minutes for it to be identified by the computer.
SP Silicon Power USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review
SP Silicon Power USB 4 GB via

SP Silicon Power Description:

1.) SP Widget Software Free Downloadable to their Website

2.) Trendy and Rugged Metallic Design

3.) Compatible with (Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Mac 10.3X, Linux 2.6X)

4.) 4 GB Storage Capacity

5.) Lifetime Warranty

Silicon Power USB 4 GB Review
Holding SP USB via

What I Love about SP Silicon Flash Drive

I have bought several USB brands and SP Silicon Flash Drive is the lightest and very comfortable to use. The color and the texture of its surface is glossy and smooth. It is also very handy and portable, it loads very fast whenever I insert it into my computer USB port. As far as I know, this Flash Drive is manufactured by Silicon Power Computer and Communication, Inc. in Taiwan.

SP Silicon Power USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review
Closer Look at SP USB via

The thing that I would love is that they really need to insert handle on SP Flash Drive so that it can be attached for keeping purposes. It's hard if I just put it in my pocket because I might lose it so I want a handle or hooking support at the end of the SP Silicon Flash Drive. 

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